How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 26 2013

''Amscray!'' SHOO
''Dallas'' airer TNT
''Grey's Anatomy'' sets ORS
''The Mikado'' locale JAPAN
''__ likely!'' NOT
According to PER
Adapter designation ACDC
Adjective for equinox VERNAL
Airborne predator HAWK
Airborne predators OWLS
Airport shuttle VAN
Anticipate, with ''with'' RECKON
Audiophile's annoyances CRACKLYSPEAKERS
Auto tracking system ONSTAR
Be worthwhile PAY
Biblical dancer SALOME
Boil over ERUPT
Brunch selections POPPYSEEDBAGELS
Caribbean cuisine staple ALLSPICE
Cereal serving BOWL
Cheerful CHIPPER
Class with mats YOGA
Cool and refreshing ICY
Declares acceptable OKS
Deduction expert CPA
Do a sketch DRAW
Dog from China PEKE
Eurasian capital ANKARA
Farm female EWE
Farm female HEN
Fisher of ''The Great Gatsby'' ISLA
Fledglings NESTERS
Go bad ROT
Gold standard KARAT
Green space LAWN
Greet the crowd WAVE
High-calorie RICH
In a huff IRATE
Irreverent NBC show SNL
It's ENE of Cleveland ERIEPA
Kitchen implements WHISKS
Light touch PAT
Lo-mein cooker WOK
Long ago ONCE
Lose resilience SAG
Mattress-pad style EGGCRATE
Mess makers SLOBS
Mia in ''Pulp Fiction'' UMA
Microscopic TINY
Museum specialist RESTORER
Nautical direction ASTERN
NBA stats PTS
Nile beast CROC
Nissan Leaf competitor TESLA
Not that great SOSO
Numbered rd RTE
OH neighbor WVA
On-off switch TOGGLE
Overwhelm with humor SLAY
Peanut-butter cup inventor REESE
Peeve IRK
Poker pair JACKS
Poll goer VOTER
Printing problems TYPOS
Rallying cry SLOGAN
Reaches out to HELPS
Resound ECHO
Reverse, as an action UNDO
Roundup sound MOO
Speak frankly OPENUP
Suppress SITON
Touchdown predictions ETAS
Until today ASYET
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