How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 22 2018

''Daughters of __'' (feminist novel) eve
''I beat people up'' sayer ali
''Je refuse!'' non
''Me no __'' (punny pan of ''I Am a Camera'') leica
About 15 ml tbsp
Adjectival ending ine
App development step iteration
As recently as only
At all onebit
Be rootless roam
Bee nectar source clover
Beverage made from berries gin
Blanks out erases
Book reviewers, briefly eds
Calls for asks
Canada's Freshmart chain grocerystores
Certain combo key ctrl
City that's a near-rhyme to 15 Across tralee
Clothes line coats
Color of autumn leaves tan
Colorado Plateau formation mesa
Colors of autumn leaves ochers
Coming-of-age novel pioneer alcott
Creator of the first radio network rca
Daydream stareintospace
Display disappointment tsk
Electronic screener vchip
Eminent odist keats
Entitled successor heir
Exclamatory endorsement good
Expound upon in writing annotate
FDA category requiring Drug Facts labeling otc
Full-time player pro
Gene __ map
Get off the ground aviate
Interrogative endorsement whatsnottolike
It's in charge in the RSA anc
Literary sister of Olga irina
Luther Burbank's California home santarosa
Marine standard sealevel
Medieval boss or subordinate liege
Miami tourist, often beachgoer
Multitude heap
National Caramel Mo oct
NBC show in its 67th year today
Northeastern National Heritage Corridor eriecanal
One extremely well-fixed gazillionaire
Passive personality typeb
Pillow fight sound bop
Plays hard vies
Propel or perplex throw
Rock climber's challenges crags
See 42 Down tray
Setting for Shakespeare's Globe theatre gmt
Shaw's ''Will ye-oo py me f'them?'' speaker eliza
Shipped free, for short ppd
Skywalker Ranch's county marin
Small projection tab
Snapper's selection slr
Solar surrounder corona
Southwestern bungalow casita
Sports group that's a UN Permanent Observer ioc
Strength of character spine
Testing group, for short randd
The E in the NYSE's EL estee
They typically sit near conductors at concerts pianos
Under canvas tented
With 65 Across, Xbox part disc
Withdraw oneself retire
Word from the Latin for ''unfriendly'' enemy
Wrangles with hasat
__ white egg
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