How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 17 2006

''-ing'' noun GERUND
''Black Hawk Down'' setting SOMALIA
''Do the __!'' MATH
''Gil __'' (Le Sage novel) BLAS
''I Feel Pretty'' singer MARIA
''Mule Train'' singer LAINE
''This __ sudden!'' ISSO
''You don't say!'' GEE
''__ la Douce'' IRMA
''__ rang?'' YOU
'30s civil war site SPAIN
'50s Korean leader RHEE
Air-pump letters PSI
An entrepreneur may bankroll one SMALLBUSINESS
An Eskimo roll might right one CAPSIZEDCANOE
Annoying sort PAIN
Anthem contraction OER
Author Sontag SUSAN
Bank pymt. INT
Barbecue spices RUB
Barkers' pitches SPIELS
Barrel-roll performer AERIALIST
Baseball great Slaughter ENOS
Beagle biters FLEAS
Become firm SET
Bedtime reading STORY
Beer-bash buy KEG
Bettor's words IMIN
Blaster's need TNT
Boot one ERR
Bouncers request them IDS
Brings in REAPS
Bunyanesque HUGE
Burns and Allen, e.g. DUO
Burpee bagful SEED
Casino card game FARO
Castaway's home ISLE
Celebrations FETES
Central portion CORE
Cheese in a ball EDAM
Chem room LAB
Composer Schifrin LALO
Confused states FOGS
Contract provision CLAUSE
Create, as fashions DESIGN
Deliver by chute DROP
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Disney pooch LADY
Do as told COMPLY
Doing zigzags, perhaps SEWING
Dotcom's address URL
Drum-roll follower, maybe CIRCUSSTUNT
Easter-egg roll locale WHITEHOUSE
Editor's strike-out DELE
Eggs: Lat. OVA
Farm female HEN
Flag or flare SIGNAL
Floored it SPED
Full of ardor AFIRE
Gets blubbery CRIES
Gives a bit BENDS
Goes belly up FAILS
Golf-club part TOE
Grapefruit relative POMELO
Gross minus net TARE
Hamelin evictees RATS
Hotpoint competitor AMANA
Invoice stamp PAID
Isn't passive ACTS
Jason's craft ARGO
Just __ (not much) ATAD
Kind of cover CASING
Knight fight JOUST
Large ray MANTA
Let loose UNPEN
Lieutenant Kojak THEO
Like bubble bath SUDSY
Like cotton candy SPUN
Like some yard boundaries HEDGY
Line to Israel ELAL
Logrolling competitor LUMBERJACK
Long green CASH
Ltr. extra ENC
Made a triangular insert GORED
Made smooth EVENED
Many millennia EONS
Men-only STAG
Muesli morsel OAT
Must, informally GOTTA
Nash's two-l beast LLAMA
New __ Minstrels CHRISTY
Of a heart part ATRIAL
One in an airport line CAB
Oregon city ASTORIA
Pam of ''Jackie Brown'' GRIER
Parent's words after ''Because'' ISAIDSO
Partaking of USING
Peppermint Patty's creator SCHULZ
Pester BUG
Petting-zoo baby LAMB
Piltdown man, for one HOAX
Pizza topping SAUSAGE
Place for a music roll PLAYERPIANO
Place for sweaters? SAUNA
Play backer ANGEL
Prepare to travel PACK
Puts stitches in DARNS
Ran in the wash BLED
Reputed coiner of ''rock 'n' roll'' ALANFREED
Search blindly GROPE
Seaweed-wrapped fare SUSHI
Sets free UNTIES
Shakespearian sprite ARIEL
Shop jargon ARGOT
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Soda selections COLAS
Son of Isaac ESAU
Sounded like APED
Spa treatment FACIAL
Spin doctor's concern IMAGE
Spring rolls and dim sum CHINESEFOOD
Start the spot ANTE
Starting digits under ''RHE'' OOO
Steam up RILE
Talk freshly to SASS
Ten C-notes THOU
Throws off EMITS
Thumb twiddler IDLER
Time on the job STINT
Unable to decide HUNG
Use crib notes CHEAT
Vegan's no-no MEAT
Vest's pair ARMHOLES
Walloped, slangily LAMPED
Was a stoolie FINKED
Wearing a long face MOPY
Well-behaved kid DOLL
Where a bedroll may be used CAMPINGTRIP
Winter Games event LUGE
Wolf down EAT
Xenon or krypton RAREGAS
__ Benedict EGGS
__ Tin Tin RIN
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