How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 13 2018

''Ain't gonna happen'' nodice
''All about them'' pieces bios
''I'm a good example'' takeme
''Mamma Mia'' quartet abba
''Out!'' leave
''Pennsylvania __'' (Ben Franklin's paper) gazette
''Who wants dessert?'' response ido
''__ Torino'' (Eastwood film) gran
About to deliver inlabor
Airline to Oslo sas
American island territory guam
Ancient letter symbols runes
Ancient Peruvian inca
Autumn bloom aster
Barely visible edgewise razorthin
Cassette successor disc
Chromosome map genome
City of Syria aleppo
Clarinet's category reed
Croatia joined it in 2009 nato
Daredevil's video device helmetcam
Deep red crimson
Design datum spec
Dinner table no-no belch
Discerns sees
Extreme radical
Fall off abate
Financial agents brokers
Frequent NHL game anthem ocanada
German autos opels
Group making sturdy furniture amish
Guerrilla Guevara che
Hernando's ''happening'' pasa
Hint of color tinge
How coffee may be served iced
Intolerant Seuss creature sneetch
Is a contender vies
Large feathered runner emu
Late-night TV host Meyers seth
Leave stunned awe
Litigators' grp aba
Make verboten ban
Mantel, for example ledge
Measures of about 5 mL tsps
Memo attachment stickie
Miniature vestpocket
Monastic leader abbot
Most swanky poshest
Nighttime in Naples notte
One of the Musketeers aramis
Opaque wall piece glassblock
Overdramatize emote
Pacific battleground of 1945 okinawa
Pacific climate affecter elnino
Pollution monitor epa
Pretty weighty oneton
Primatology study apes
Pt. of many major airport names intl
Result (from) arise
Russell of boxed chocolates stover
S&L offerings cds
Sand-trap smoother rake
Sea snail abalone
Seize improperly usurp
Space Race contender ussr
Speck of dust mote
Start of it all, perhaps bigbang
Swanky party gala
Throat annoyance frog
Tolkien brute orc
Valhalla boss odin
Weather system front
Wolf group pack
Yankee catching great berra
Years and years ages
Zoo channel moat
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