How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 12 2013

''Etc.,'' when tripled YADDA
''Familia'' member TIA
''Friends'' character ROSS
''Sure, I'll go along'' LETS
26 Down offerings: Abbr RMS
Alternatives to Omegas ROLEXES
Apiece PER
Back of a hit single BSIDE
Barnyard sound OINK
Bit of progress INROAD
Butler of literature RHETT
Catch sight of ESPY
Chutzpah MOXIE
Convene MEET
Country lodge INN
Cozy retreats NESTS
Cpl.'s subordinate PFC
Cuts corners STINTS
Diamond stat HRS
Edible tubes ZITI
Editorial mark STET
Faint hue TINGE
Had a dispute WRANGLED
Have the skills CAN
Heart and soul GIST
Hosp. chart EEG
Industry event EXPO
Just steps away NEAR
Kimono wearer GEISHA
Launch sites PADS
Letters on a toothpaste tube ADA
Little chuckle TEHEE
Makes certain SEESTOIT
Military vet EXGI
Minor mistakes SLIPS
Mischievous tyke IMP
More perplexing ODDER
Natural talent FLAIR
Offer as an example ADDUCE
Ottawa-based fliers: Abbr RCAF
Pan-fry SAUTE
Pass catchers ENDS
Pasture portion ACRE
Poseidon's domain SEA
Prefix for social ANTI
Property document TITLE
Public speaker ORATOR
Random person ANYONE
Reaches, as a goal ATTAINS
Reminiscent of ALA
Right away ASAP
Say again ECHO
Seek to know ASK
Segment PART
Shingle letters DDS
Small drum BONGO
Smooths out, perhaps IRONS
Some star charts ZODIACS
Some tax advisors CPAS
Stops up DAMS
Talked on and on GABBED
Tennis pro Petrova NADIA
They're raised in a toast GLASSES
Trails everyone WINDSUPLAST
Truck compartment CAB
TV chef Ramsay GORDON
Waterfall by-product MIST
Weighted down LADEN
Welder's supply SOLDER
What ''syne'' means AGO
Word following zero or rush HOUR
Yield by treaty CEDE
__ Martin (British auto) ASTON
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