How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 10 2017

''A Bell for Adano'' author HERSEY
''Do tell!'' GEE
''Don we now our __ apparel'' GAY
''Don't need an explanation'' IKNOW
''See ya!'' BYE
''Wait just one minute!'' HEY
15 Down title characters MAGI
300+ pound NBA great ONEAL
A bit SOME
Actress Campbell NEVE
All possible, in songs EVRY
Antagonistic feeling IRE
Antipasto morsel OLIVE
Austrian Alpine region TYROL
Autumn mo NOV
Be wrong ERR
Big name in motorcycles and pianos YAMAHA
Big __ outdoors ASALL
Busts, as a blockage UNCLOGS
Caesarean reproach ETTU
Carved gem CAMEO
Centenarian architect PEI
Certain jazz ensemble SEXTET
Change places with one's wrestling partner TAGIN
Chilean cheer OLE
Chilly powder SNOW
Clinton labor secretary REICH
Commercial music JINGLES
Composer Rachmaninoff SERGEI
Contents of a carpenter's level AIRBUBBLE
County bordering London ESSEX
Culmination ACME
Decline to admit TURNAWAY
Dickensian oath BAH
Displeased expression SNEER
Doctor's prescriptions DOSES
DVR button REC
Electrically updates REWIRES
Emerged suddenly SPRANGUP
Emulated moles TUNNELED
Essence of the puzzle's theme EEE
Feels the presence of SENSES
Fictional sleuth Lupin ARSENE
First acrylic fiber ORLON
Foretelling BODING
Frequent fliers JETSET
Galoot LUG
Game cube DIE
Garden visitor BEE
Garfield, e.g TOMCAT
Glove compartment device TIREPRESSUREGAUGE
GPS reading ENE
Half-rectangle shapes ELS
Hedonistic fellow PLAYBOY
Hieroglyphics bird IBIS
Hockey official REF
Home Depot competitor TRUEVALUEHARDWARE
Hosp. printout EEG
Important period AGE
Important period ERA
Indefinite degree NTH
Into pieces ASUNDER
It might be one-way ROUTE
It might be one-way GLASS
Japanese port city OSAKA
Kidman or Crowe AUSSIE
Kind of cracker SALTINE
Large US union NEA
Law partner ORDER
Less leisurely FASTER
Literary preposition ERE
Lobe locale EAR
Made fun of GIBED
Make jokes JEST
MD clock setting EST
MD's directive STAT
Metal in solder TIN
Miniaturizing ending ETTE
Minor misstatement LITTLEWHITELIE
Monastery members FRIARS
Monastery music CHANTS
Movie trailer exhortation SEEIT
NBAer, in headlines CELT
Needing an explanation LOST
Needing training GREEN
Nine-Emmy winner Fey TINA
Novelist Deighton LEN
Odd occurrence ANOMALY
Off target AMISS
Oldies singing style DOOWOP
Out-of-focus image BLUR
Page 1 name, July 1937 AMELIA
Parcel out ALLOT
Part of UCLA LOS
Pasta preference ALDENTE
Penn State campus city ALTOONA
People like 40 Down TRAITORS
People needing training TYROS
Perfumery compounds ESTERS
Place for 128 Across TOURNEY
Pleased expression GRIN
Point a finger at ACCUSE
Pop artist Max PETER
Prefix for virus ANTI
Prepped, as skis WAXED
Pretense ACT
Proprietor of imaginepeace.com ONO
Quarterback Manning ELI
Red Muppet ELMO
Region south of Croatia BOSNIA
Retro soft drinks NEHIS
Revolutionary War turncoat ARNOLD
Sartre play NOEXIT
Saturates STEEPS
Scenic Chicago thoroughfare LAKESHOREDRIVE
Sci-fi staple UFO
Seacrest of TV RYAN
Self-serving exercises EGOTRIPS
Short-story pen name OHENRY
Sit down for a banquet DINE
Skippy competitor JIF
Some high-ranking competitors SEEDS
Sought a date with ASKEDOUT
Soup flavoring HERB
Spouse of Pocahontas ROLFE
Stew server LADLE
Symbols for hugs OOO
Take some air INHALE
Takes the wheel STEERS
Tankard filler ALE
Tech sch INST
Timetable data: Abbr ETDS
Trojan War instigator ARES
Ulan __, Mongolia BATOR
UN workers' org ILO
Warren Buffett title CEO
What something surprising might raise EYEBROWS
What to call a yawl SHE
What wraps some candies FOILS
Worst possible turnout NOONE
Wrap up END
__ the sky (illusory prospect) PIEIN
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