How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 10 2010

''Gee whiz!'' GOSH
''Love Story'' author SEGAL
''Ninotchka'' star GARBO
''Odyssey'' hunter ORION
''Stop it this instant!'' ENOUGH
Admit, with ''in'' LET
Aerialists' insurance NETS
Allows OKS
Appropriate angling gear? RIGHTTACKLE
Art museum's woe FAKES
Boxing moves JABS
Bread-bag closer TWISTTIE
Cast aspersions on SMEAR
Celtic land ERIN
Chintzy rebate? QUARTERBACK
Clamor DIN
Coffeehouse convenience WIFI
Colorings TINCTS
Complain MOAN
Defiant shout MAKEME
Defiant shout HAH
Dissuades DETERS
Elementary piano exercise CSCALE
Elongated region BELT
End of an FDR quote ITSELF
Envelope abbr. ATTN
Famous Amos TORI
Fields of expertise AREAS
Firewood former AXE
From G to G, e.g. OCTAVE
Get around EVADE
GPS reading SSE
Hair treatments RINSES
Half the checkers REDS
Hershey rival REESE
Hi-tech read EMAG
Highway haulers RIGS
Hot-rod rod AXLE
Hotbeds DENS
Iditarod participants SLEDDOGS
In-tray delivery MEMO
Intl. alliance NATO
Itinerary word VIA
Jungle menace BOA
Kid's game TAG
Kipling novel KIM
Madcap ZANY
Monopoly-board corner JAIL
Narrow channel STRAIT
Not oneself ILL
On the level LICIT
Oversized audio component? WIDERECEIVER
Perk up REVIVE
Ph.D. preceders ORALS
Poetic preposition AFORE
Poetic preposition ERE
Possum's home TREE
Profs., often DRS
Prohibition BAN
Prototypical pooch FIDO
Radiance SHEEN
Rainbow shapes ARCS
Ready for action ALLSET
Rhymer in the ring ALI
Savings source for some IRA
Saying nothing MUM
Shoelace tip AGLET
Shriner's topper FEZ
Somerset Maugham heroine SADIE
Spring thing THAW
Stylish TONY
To be returned at some point ONLOAN
Trendy HIP
Tune carrier IPOD
Vengeful martial artist? KICKRETURNER
Where Interstate 95 ends MIAMI
__ boy (timid one) MAMAS
__ in ''question'' QAS
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