How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 03 2010

''. . . Cuckoo's Nest'' novelist KESEY
''Black-eyed'' edible PEA
''Compás'' direction NORTE
''Garfield'' waitress IRMA
''I Love Lucy'' character ETHEL
''Peter Pan'' pirate SMEE
''The results __!'' AREIN
''__ lift?'' NEEDA
A thing's ITS
Arctic ice FLOE
Baseball stat RBI
Battle of Britain grp. RCAF
Be useful AVAIL
Biblical river JORDAN
City of Iran QUM
Civil War initials CSA
Closely allied ARMINARM
Contemplation aid THINKINGCAP
Curative MEDICAL
Dada artist ARP
DC figures SENS
Debris-removing net POOLSKIMMER
Deduce INFER
Dict. offering SYN
Different OTHER
Dormitory, e.g. QUARTERS
Encourages FOSTERS
Equilibrium STASIS
Erstwhile coast-to-coast air race POWDERPUFFDERBY
Faith with Five Pillars ISLAM
Fleshy fruits POMES
Florida spring-break destination PANAMACITY
Food package abbr. NETWT
Full assembly PLENUM
Garden bloom ZINNIA
GI rank PFC
Glove material SUEDE
Good thing ASSET
Hindu noble RAJA
Hits the hay SACKSOUT
Homophone for ''air'' ERE
Internet commerce ETAIL
It's not good EVIL
Jazz instrument SAX
Keep under wraps SITON
Ltr. add-ons PSS
Lyric verse ODE
Make a bow TIE
Mattress accessory PAD
Method: Abbr. PROC
MPG rater EPA
Much of 1959 prime-time WESTERNS
Neck annoyance KINK
Onetime color-TV knob TINT
Painter Jan van __ EYCK
Peak flood-level indication: Abbr. HWM
PG-13 bestower MPAA
Regards DEEMS
Rock guitarist Dweezil ZAPPA
Rocky peak TOR
Scrape together RAISE
Sommer of the screen ELKE
Stephen King novel CUJO
Stuff cooked at cookoffs CHILI
Sufficient, nonstandardly ENUF
Superiors of an 8 Down NCOS
Take the scenic route STRAY
Three, in Tuscany TRE
Tortellini topping PESTO
Towel term HIS
Tried-and-true OLD
Turned down NIXED
Two-time loser to Ike ADLAI
Uneasy feeling ANGST
Woodworking connection MITERJOINT
Word adored by toreadors OLE
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