How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 02 2018

''Already?'' sosoon
''King'' of music elvis
''No talking!'' shh
''Not so loud!'' holditdown
''Not so!'' reply istoo
''Spring forward'' period: Abbr dst
''That was close!'' whew
'90s Russian leader yeltsin
131 Boat bottoms keels
132 Brief film excerpt scene
133 Haus wife frau
134 Lord's spouse lady
135 Melodious sweet
136 Make confetti out of shred
137 Rapidly fast
Actor Rogen seth
Agreeable to for
Alpaca cousin llama
Ancestor of Italian latin
Ancestral diagrams trees
Appeared to be seemed
Arena level tier
Atoll features lagoons
Author Silverstein shel
Authorizes allows
Auto racer Earnhardt dale
Away from here gone
Be bossy with pusharound
Be very frugal pinchpennies
Become a contestant enter
Bit of broccoli spear
Bouillon brand knorr
Brick or cherry red
Calming down gettingagrip
Canal components locks
Cap-and-gown renter senior
Carefree escapades larks
Cathedral section apse
Chaperone, typically adult
Checks over carefully vets
Chicks' chirps peeps
Chinese takeout appetizer eggroll
Choir voice tenor
Closes in on nears
Coast Guard operation rescue
Covert org cia
Cranny colleague nook
Cruise ship liner
Decorative pitcher ewer
Did the catering for fed
Doodler's tablet scratchpad
Drains of energy saps
Dress carefully primp
Earth tremor seism
Earth-friendly prefix eco
Enticed tempted
Fire engine gear ladder
Gangplank, e.g ramp
Garlicky mayo aioli
Grandson of Adam enos
Had totally fooled snowed
Hieroglyphics reptiles asps
Hogwarts potions professor snape
HS math alg
In a sneaky way slyly
In the midst of among
In unison asone
Incline slant
IRS ID ssn
Junk email spam
Justice Sotomayor sonia
Kibbles 'n Bits alternative alpo
Locomotive power steam
Loses one's footing trips
Mailbag pouch
Make a desperate attempt graspatstraws
Makes watertight seals
Makeup mishap smear
Mandolin kin lute
Marble cake pattern swirl
Melville novel omoo
Migratory birds geese
Monocle, essentially lens
Most unfortunate saddest
Muscular toned
Mystical glow aura
NL Central team stl
Non-unlawful holdup delay
Not up on the latest outoftouch
Nun's beads rosary
Ornamental shrub spirea
Pamper too much spoil
PC alternatives macs
Philosopher Descartes rene
Pizazz elan
Poe maiden ''by the sea'' lee
Postpaid enclosure: Abbr sase
Pre-college, for short elhi
Purple shade plum
Quarterback Manning eli
Quite a while ages
Resolve, with ''out'' iron
Respectful address sir
Self-regard ego
Shade color
Shakespearean teen romeo
Shout cry
Sidekick pal
Singer Carly __ Jepsen rae
Skeptic's question whatsthecatch
Ski resort vehicle snocat
Small hill knoll
Snappy comeback retort
Snow coasters sleds
Some DJ discs lps
Some of the earliest color TVs rcas
Sparkle glint
Specialty area realm
Sporting blade epee
Spreadsheet array dataset
Stage portrayal role
Stare at ogle
Start golfing teeoff
Still wrapped new
Striker's demand, perhaps morepay
Sushi staple tuna
Sweater fabric mohair
Symbol on a freeway exit sign arrow
Takes the helm steers
Tennis officials refs
Thumbs (through) leafs
Tightly closed shut
Town near Santa Fe taos
Tread heavily stomp
Type of red algae seamoss
Ultimate exam final
Undercover missions, for short ops
Very funny one riot
Viking in the comics hagar
Visionary giving advice seer
What combs contain teeth
Where Victoria was empress india
Whipped up made
Worldly secular
Wrath ire
Zilch nil
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