How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 31 2018

''Butt out'' initalism myob
''Code'' name morse
''Eureka!'' aha
''Home of the brave'' usa
''Piano Man'' guy joel
1780s turncoat arnold
2016 running mate kaine
31st president hoover
ABA member att
Alias introducer aka
Announce officially declare
Authorized okd
Bakery products loaves
Ballpark authority ump
Banish exile
Beach-ball balancer seal
Besides that else
Brewpub staples ales
Bus. school major econ
Bygone bird of New Zealand moa
Carefree life ease
Catch and run in nab
Choose (to) opt
Common Market initials eec
Contribute (to) add
Early American home style colonial
Fell back ebbed
Fireplace debris ashes
Fits nicely meshes
Former Cologne coin, for short dmark
French boyfriends beaux
Frozen spike icicle
Gain entry to access
Giant girl met by Gulliver glumdalclitch
Give a nickname to dub
Greeted mockingly jeered
He spoke for Moses aaron
Hopkins of higher education johns
III, in modern Rome tre
In this spot here
Include for free tossin
Iranian of old mede
Island of inventors visited by Gulliver balnibarbi
Italian heavenly being angelo
Japanese printer producer epson
Justice Thomas clarence
Laura or Bruce in Hollywood dern
Makes into law enacts
Marshy tracts bogs
More bizarre odder
NBC staple since the '70s snl
Needing help inajam
New England Ivy Leaguer eli
North Pole assistant elf
Not working idle
Overshoot exceed
Per __ allowance diem
Person from Muscat omani
Prehistoric ancient
Prohibit nix
Request for repetition what
Resounded rang
Rowboat implement oar
Salt, to chemists nacl
Santa __, CA ana
Seattle Storm's league wnba
Shortest-named zodiac sign leo
Shots in the dark stabs
Shout from a ship ahoy
Stern's location rear
Talking horses met by Gulliver houyhnhnms
The second President Johnson lyndon
Tom Cruise ex nicole
Tot's taboo nono
Untalented inept
Upper limit of some socks midcalf
Very small amounts mites
Wear down erode
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