How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 30 2016

''It can't be!'' OHNO
Academy Award OSCAR
Alabama port MOBILE
Aroma ODOR
Astronauts' org NASA
Be nostalgic for MISS
Building site LOT
Camera glass LENS
Capital of South Korea SEOUL
Casserole fish TUNA
Charmingly appealing ENCHANTING
Charmingly appealing BEWITCHING
Charmingly attractive GLAMOROUS
Charmingly attractive BEAUTIFUL
Church seats PEWS
City near Seattle TACOMA
Cleveland's Great Lake ERIE
Cook in hot oil FRY
Cornfield bird CROW
Crunchy sandwiches, for short BLTS
Cut of meat LOIN
Dad's sister AUNT
Dartboard, for one TARGET
Docking spots PIERS
Electric car company TESLA
Florist's container VASE
Follow, as advice ACTON
General tendency TREND
Genuine REAL
Get well HEAL
Glossy finish LUSTER
Golfer's pegs TEES
Gourmet cook CHEF
Guitar container CASE
High-IQ club MENSA
Housetop worker ROOFER
Judicial order DECREE
Launders CLEANS
Lubricates OILS
Make a dash for RUNTO
Make impure TAINT
Mistake ERROR
Move to and __ FRO
Not as much LESS
Not difficult EASY
Notions IDEAS
Piece of paper SHEET
Pirate captain portrayer Johnny DEPP
Planted, as seeds SOWN
Prayer closer AMEN
Precious stone GEM
Rec-room appliances that may be ''smart'' TVS
Renown FAME
Retail shop MART
Robber THIEF
Rosebush sticker THORN
Shot in the dark GUESS
Smudge on a shirt STAIN
Spill a secret BLAB
Standing upright VERTICAL
State north of Calif OREG
Summer Games athlete OLYMPIAN
Takes advantage of USES
That man's HIS
Tiny bottle VIAL
Tool storage structure SHED
Trumpets and trombones HORNS
Tunnel sound ECHO
Unable to bend STIFF
Unsociable one LONER
Vanish into __ air THIN
Very devout PIOUS
Wooden strip SLAT
__ and blood (kin) FLESH
__ Lanka SRI
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