How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 30 2015

''27 Dresses'' star HEIGL
''Muppet Show'' mastermind JIMHENSON
''Silver Linings Playbook'' star BRADLEYCOOPER
''Sophie's Choice'' author WILLIAMSTYRON
''Wheel of Fortune'' purchase ANA
Actor Diggs TAYE
Alice's cat DINAH
Alpha opposite OMEGA
Ancient marauder HUN
Angela Lansbury title DAME
Arise (from) STEM
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Atomizer output MIST
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Be sent reeling SEESTARS
Birdlike AVIAN
Book-jacket bio BLURB
Brownie, for one GIRL
Cable providers' devices DVRS
Campaign button word ELECT
Campfire evidence ASHES
Car for hire TAXI
Carry-__ (some luggage) ONS
Chamber groups TRIOS
Cookie holders TINS
Cruise stops ISLES
Curt denial NOTME
Custardy desserts ECLAIRS
Danson of ''CSI'' TED
DC baseballer NAT
Doctor Dolittle creator HUGHLOFTING
Don't go quietly ARGUE
Donkey sound BRAY
Dry, as Italian wine SECCO
Eggs on PRODS
Emphatic denial LIES
Ending like -arian IST
Exhausted SPENT
Exodus locale SINAIDESERT
Fill-in worker TEMP
Final word SAYSO
Fire-breathing boss OGRE
First full spring mo APR
Flowed back EBBED
Flying prefix AER
Fredericksburg victor LEE
Frequently ALOT
Gardening medium SOIL
Give an address ORATE
Got a pot started ANTED
Guileful SLY
Had figured out WASONTO
Halifax, Nova __ SCOTIA
Ham's surroundings, often RYE
Hardly ever SELDOM
Have an afternoon break, perhaps TAKETEA
Heckle TEASE
Hermione portrayer EMMA
Hideout NEST
Higher-up, for short EXEC
Home cooler ATTICFAN
Hosp. readout ECG
In the past AGO
Ivy League benefactor EZRACORNELL
Jacuzzi SPA
Junk-mail addressee OCCUPANT
Keats works ODES
Lean and muscular WIRY
Letters of urgency ASAP
Little devil IMP
London art gallery TATE
Make smooth EVEN
Managed care grps HMOS
Metaphor for slowness SNAIL
Mireille of ''World War Z'' ENOS
Misrepresent BELIE
Missile housing SILO
Monogram pt INIT
Most fuzz-filled LINTIEST
Motivations WHYS
Natural soother ALOE
NCO rank SGT
None of the above OTHER
Not fully shut AJAR
Obey strictly HEWTO
Observatory near San Diego PALOMAR
Of warships NAVAL
One of the Simpsons LISA
One of the Three Bears PAPA
Org. for GPs AMA
Play for time STALL
Poetic name for Ireland HIBERNIA
Poised for action READY
Prenatal test, for short AMNIO
Presence of mind POISE
Pro-temperance First Lady LUCYHAYES
Prolongs, with ''out'' DRAWS
Racer's final go-round BELLLAP
Raptor's gripper TALON
Register attendants SALESCLERKS
Rent-__ (airport service) ACAR
Ricelike pasta ORZO
Robert Burns' refusal NAE
Rome fountain TREVI
Rough guess ESTIMATE
Salad green ESCAROLE
Shakespearean prince HAL
Shakespearean spouse ANNE
Shell game SCAM
Shut with force SLAM
Singer of ''Skyfall'' ADELE
Slip into DON
Snicker sound TEHEE
Social slight SNUB
South African who wrote ''Your Healthy Heart'' CHRISTIAANBARNARD
Steak order TBONE
Stick with a kick TNT
Stood up ROSE
Store away LAYIN
Strong point ASSET
Superlative suffix EST
Switch off DISABLE
Teh, when in print TYPO
Throw away the script ADLIB
Toaster waffle brand EGGO
UFO pilots ETS
Urban grid STREETS
Violinist Stern ISAAC
Where a shoulder is ROADSIDE
Where witnesses sit STAND
Whichever ANY
Without exception EVERYTIME
Writer Dahl ROALD
YouTube owner GOOGLE
__ uncertain terms INNO
__-12 Conference PAC
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