How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 27 2006

''Ditto!'' IAGREE
''Inter __'' (among other things) ALIA
''No problem!'' ASNAP
''What have we here!'' OHO
''__ be the day!'' THATLL
'80s video game TETRIS
100 cents, in Spain EURO
1943 battle site TARAWA
A single time ONCE
ABC sister network ESPN
Acid identifier, perhaps? CHEMISTRYLABEL
African slitherer ASP
Alaska national park DENALI
Altar constellation ARA
Amsterdam or Algiers SEAPORT
Auspicious ROSY
Barcelona bravo OLE
Become solid GEL
Bested in the long jump OUTLEAPT
Bog deposits PEATS
Boo or yoo follower HOO
Box-office selection LOGE
Boxer Ali LAILA
Cantina appetizer TAPA
Capp et al. ALS
Chi follower PSI
Christmas shopper's objective? NOELPARKING
Comic Carvey DANA
Compass reading SSE
Cops' quarries PERPS
Coupon clippers' bloc? SHOPPINGCARTEL
Couture initials YSL
Cozy room DEN
Dairy-case tubs OLEOS
Detects, in a way SMELLS
Draft status ONEA
End of the 3rd qtr. SEP
Engine sound PURR
Enzyme ending ASE
First woman in the House of Commons ASTOR
First word of ''Cheek to Cheek'' HEAVEN
Flock members EWES
Fluid in trunks SAP
Formally declare ENOUNCE
Frosty's eye COAL
Furrow maker PLOWER
Garment adjuster ALTERER
Geoffrey of fashion BEENE
Get-up-and-go PEP
Give off EXUDE
Going about one's business LIVING
Good buddy PAL
Groups of hollandaise judges? SAUCEPANELS
Had a scuffle WENTATIT
Hankering YEN
Have at ASSAIL
Historic Normandy town STLO
Home styles COLONIALS
Human Genome Project scientist MAPPER
Inexpensive cigar STOGIE
Inventory abbr. MDSE
Is in charge of HELMS
It means ''false'' PSEUDO
Kepler contemporary GALILEO
Lady of the lodge? BEAVERDAMSEL
Lasting impression SCAR
Leaf gatherer RAKE
Least arduous EASIEST
Legal matter RES
Leon Uris hero ARI
Like some views SCENIC
Like the night sky STARRY
Lucy of ''Charlie's Angels'' LIU
Made smooth PLANED
Make a choice OPT
Monte __ sandwich CRISTO
Name meaning ''bearlike'' ORSON
Needing tidying MESSY
Neighborhood near Leicester Square SOHO
News-service initials UPI
Not worth discussing MOOT
Nullify UNDO
Nutrition-label unit CALORIE
Of long standing OLD
One proficient with pigments? PASTELMASTER
Online investing site ETRADE
Oven output HEAT
Pal of Pooh EEYORE
People from Provo UTAHANS
Pint-size MINI
Play parts ACTS
Polished off ATE
Pope who met with Attila STLEO
Preeminent model train collector? THELIONELKING
Prefix with classical NEO
Put back to zero RESET
Puts on ice COOLS
Raggedy dolls ANNS
Rail-splitter's tool AXE
Ready to go ALLSET
Red Muppet ELMO
Responded in court PLED
Response to ''Pow!'' OOF
Run up __ (owe for drinks) ATAB
Saudi, for one ARAB
Scale notes SOLS
Scat-singing syllable DOO
Sch. with a Providence campus URI
See 59 Down AVIS
Shrieked exclamation EEK
Six-pt. plays TDS
Skater Babilonia TAI
Son of Seth ENOS
South African author ALANPATON
Stash away SECRETE
They're in the atmosphere GASES
Thumbs-up ASSENT
Thus far YET
Tick off ANGER
Tokyo, once EDO
Track circuit LAP
Trade grps. ORGS
Trendy tube PLASMATV
TV journalist Elizabeth VARGAS
Up-to-the-minute AUCOURANT
Used a shovel DUG
Veldt grazer IMPALA
Venomous snakes ADDERS
Very narrow boundary KNIFEEDGE
Vice president after Jefferson AARONBURR
Voice amplifier, for short MIC
Wanted-poster letters AKA
What Vanna brought to the bridal shower? WEDDINGVOWELS
Wise one SAVANT
With 56 Across, unique person RARA
__ Lingus AER
__ Park, CO ESTES
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