How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 21 2018

''At what time?'' when
''I beg your pardon?'' what
''Step right __ way!'' this
''Weeping'' tree willow
''Well, __-di-dah!'' lah
All over again anew
Athlete's negotiator agent
Brief memo note
Bring under control tame
Caterer's coffeepots urns
Coffee alternative tea
Common parting words haveaniceday
Common parting words tillwemeetagain
Common parting words, from the Spanish hastalavista
Concerning asto
Cut drastically, as prices slash
Declare void annul
Dining surface table
Direction opposite ENE wsw
Elbow's location arm
Estrange alienate
Father of Cain adam
Fire-setting crime arson
Fractions of a day hours
Frog cousins toads
Gift to a party guest goodybag
Give as a gift bestow
Helicopter blade rotor
Highest-rated aone
Hold in, as a sneeze stifle
Homeowner's document deed
Horse-stopping shout whoa
Inspirational slogan motto
Islamic Almighty allah
Japanese maker of the Outback SUV subaru
Make angry rile
Meadow lea
Medicine prescribers: Abbr mds
Mexican food that's folded taco
Minor disagreement spat
Misfortunes ills
Mother of Cain eve
Mystical glow aura
Narrow road lane
News stories items
Newspaper execs eds
Norway's capital oslo
Not enough toofew
Overwhelm with humor slay
Part of a long play activ
Permissible by law legal
Persistence tenacity
Pigpen sty
Playful prank antic
Prefix meaning ''against'' anti
Reveal a secret tell
Scientific test sites labs
Secret supply stash
Small bay inlet
Soaped up lathered
Spaghetti, for example pasta
Stubborn beast mule
Sudden attack raid
Suffix for luncheon ette
Tiny bit iota
Tranquility peace
Triumphed won
Trooper's speed detector radar
Tune for two singers duet
Underground room for wine cellar
Walked (on) trod
Wild guess stab
Winter skating surface ice
Wise one sage
With caraway, as some breads seedy
Without delay, in memos asap
__ Lanka sri
__ Paulo, Brazil sao
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