How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 18 2016

''Agreed!'' AMEN
''Casablanca'' heroine ILSA
''I Am Spock'' author NIMOY
Applies, as barbecue spices RUBSON
Aussie exports OPALS
Auto with a trident logo MASERATI
Be next to ABUT
Be off-base ERR
Bean in some stews LIMA
Biblical wife of Ahab JEZEBEL
Bishop's topper MITER
Bit of chat shorthand IMO
Blue Grotto locale ISLEOFCAPRI
Bolt the sprinter USAIN
Brief brawl SETTO
Burger serving PATTY
Carmela on ''The Sopranos'' EDIE
Cast-iron component CARBON
Catherine of Aragon's mom ISABELLAI
City near Delhi AGRA
Contractual recipient ASSIGNEE
Dampish MOIST
Defiant challenge MAKEME
Do roadwork, say TRAIN
Element in fine watches PLATINUM
Enticement BAIT
Euro predecessors LIRE
First chip in the pot ANTE
Flowery welcome LEI
Frat letter ZETA
GI hangout USO
Good: Lat BONO
Headlight bulbs LAMPS
Homer Simpson's hangout MOES
Immodest pursuit EGOTRIP
It may come between money and everything ISNT
It's not serious JEST
Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Key particles in cloud electrification ICENUCLEI
Land east of Valencia IBIZA
Lauren colleague KLEIN
Longing YEN
Longings URGES
Marlin, for instance GAMEFISH
Memo imperative ASAP
Mother of some pups SEAL
Nile queen, for short CLEO
Now, in legalese INPRAESENTI
Office agreement LEASE
Org-chart section TIER
Out of one's thoughts ASIDE
PBS supporter NEA
Perpetually EVER
Play for a fool USE
Power source SUN
Pricey writing paper RAG
Renders invalid NULLS
Sans decorations BARE
Sector AREA
Short trips HOPS
Showed disapproval SNEERED
Sikorsky of aviation IGOR
Smooth out PLANE
Smooths out EVENS
Snooze symbol ZEE
Soy-based soup MISO
Spielberg's Oskar LIAM
Stands up to FACES
Sudden increase BULGE
Surly one CUR
Tarot deck grouping ARCANA
Tear apart REND
Touch-and-go IFFY
Turns loose FREES
Unconventional OUTRE
Waste no time RUSH
What's here THIS
__ card (phone component) SIM
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