How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 15 2010

''Bam!'' POW
''Honor Thy Father'' author TALESE
''In that case . . .'' THEN
16-team gridiron grp. NFC
ACLU concerns RTS
Adapter letters ACDC
African snake ASP
Agenda item TOPIC
Also TOO
American education reformer MANN
Arafat org. PLO
Arizona Native Americans HOPIS
Auctioned auto, perhaps REPO
Author Paretsky SARA
Azores Isls.' surrounder ATL
Bar mixer SODA
Bassoon relative OBOE
Bowl over AWE
Brink EVE
Capone catcher NESS
Casual runs JOGS
Chem-class expense LABFEE
Chihuahua coverup SERAPE
Childish rebuttal DOESSO
Chinese gambling game FANTAN
Computer-security threat SPYWARE
Crafts' colleague ARTS
Crunchy veggie CELERY
Current champion TITLEHOLDER
Da __, Vietnam NANG
Dazzle WOW
Despicable one TOAD
Disreputable SEAMY
Divide by two HALVE
Domed domicile IGLOO
Embarrass ABASH
Energy VIM
Erin of ''Happy Days'' MORAN
Explosive experiments, briefly ATESTS
Fair-hiring abbr. EOE
Fatherland, affectionately OLDSOD
Food worker's wear HAIRNET
Frat building CHAPTERHOUSE
Frittata, for example OMELET
Gardener's device LEAFBLOWER
Genesis twin ESAU
Get ready to go out DRESS
Go wrong ERR
Goes off LEAVES
GPS calculations RTES
Gravy problem LUMP
Greek-salad leftover OLIVEPIT
Hallway runners RUGS
High-tech ID DNA
Highest-level angel SERAPH
Highly inclined STEEP
Hoodwink SCAM
Hypotheticals IFS
Immunization fluids SERA
In-box junk SPAM
Info on a mtn. road sign ELEV
Informal assent IHEARYA
Instep neighbor ANKLE
It may be pumped IRON
Itemize LIST
James of jazz ETTA
Judges' concerns LAWS
Just above average CPLUS
Like fine cheese AGED
Literary spoof SATIRE
Lone Star State sch. UTEP
Long-term rental LEASE
Lovett of country music LYLE
Luxurious fur SABLE
Mark time WAIT
Market pessimist BEAR
Marriage promise TROTH
Málaga ''mlle.'' SRTA
MDs' coworkers RNS
Meadow mom EWE
Mulls over PONDERS
Neat as a pin INORDER
Niagara Falls' prov. ONT
Noggin BEAN
Nose-in-air sort SNOB
On pins and needles EDGY
On-line gasp OMG
One in the lead PACER
Part of a flight STAIR
Part players ACTORS
Pi follower RHO
Pic to click ICON
Pinches pennies SCRIMPS
Poem division CANTO
Prescribed intake DOSE
Provide with duds CLOTHE
Psychic's claim ESP
Put one over on FOOL
Quarterback Manning ELI
Quick round of tennis ONESET
Race of about 6.2 mi. TENK
Red-ltr. day HOL
Rubberneck STARE
Scurried RACED
Seek divine guidance from PRAYTO
Short flight HOP
Simplify EASE
Slender stinger WASP
Slender stinger YELLOWJACKET
Some OPEC ministers ARABS
Something to do TASK
Spherical mushroom PUFFBALL
Spot for a tot on the road CARSEAT
Sudden contraction SPASM
Suitable for most moviegoers RATEDPG
Sure to fascinate SPELLBINDING
Surfer's need WAVE
Surrealist Magritte RENE
Swanky sweaters ANGORAS
Tailless pet MANXCAT
Teamwork obstacles EGOS
Tickle pink ELATE
Too weird for words EERIE
Tournament favorite TOPSEED
Travels with the band TOURS
Trouser feature CREASE
Unadorned BARE
Under sail ASEA
Volvo alternative SAAB
Washington worker SENATEPAGE
Water source WELL
Watering holes BARS
Web sites, at times TOES
When a coffee break may be ATTEN
Wildlife identifier EARTAG
Words of confession ITWASI
WWII arena ETO
Yellowish shade OCHER
__ Hashanah ROSH
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