How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 06 2016

''SpongeBob SquarePants'' exclamation EGAD
''Start again, please'' IMLOST
About to turn dark TWILIT
Appreciative ADMIRING
Attendant for Juliet NURSE
Band with uniforms ARMLET
Bath setting: Abbr ENG
Bold alternative ITALIC
Brief spell of speed SPRINT
Cayenne is important to it GUIANA
Clipped TERSE
Cutters: Abbr EDS
Direct AIM
Éclair dough CHOUXPASTRY
End up short, say ERR
Far from sanguine GRIM
Flat-bottomed vessel BEAKER
Gender-in-advertising topic MALEGAZE
Go on a run SKI
Half of the ''Sunrise, Sunset'' duo GOLDE
Historic law-enforcement family EARPS
Hootenanny trio ENS
It may generate zest GRATER
Job offer that many don't refuse EARLYRETIREMENT
Keeps securely SHUTSIN
Lines on the moonwalker list ONEDOZEN
Lipstick shade CERISE
Lots of things for dinner? RICE
Makes more readable, as data TABULARIZES
Mark follower LUKE
Melania Trump's birthplace SLOVENIA
Montana's 273, in brief TDS
Not at all square HIP
Not up SAD
Old Testament tribe founder ASHER
Opprobrium DISGRACE
Original working title of ''Citizen Kane'' AMERICAN
Paste SOCK
People once common on Chesapeake Bay EELERS
Prize-winning quartet, most likely ACES
Puts spin on SKEWS
Ready to react ONALERT
Red hot WEENIE
Russian word for ''land grant'' DACHA
Sandbox set TYKES
Scene of disarray RATSNEST
Selling most briskly HOTTEST
Ship-to-shore call, maybe AHOYMATE
Shogun's luxury furnishing TATAMI
Site of a Page One resignation, April 2016 REYKJAVIK
Small salmon PARRS
Some bucks STAGS
Standout, slangily ROCKSTAR
Subject of the kids' book ''Twelve Rounds to Glory'' ALI
Take down RAZE
They follow quarters SEMIS
They often sit beside monitors DESKSETS
They run around bases JEEPS
Times in want ads AMS
Transported ECSTATIC
Warsaw-to-Krakow dir SSW
What a moon of Pluto is named for RIVERSTYX
What Brits call ''trolleys'' CARTS
What some cut steaks with CLEAVERS
__ de théâtre NOMS
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