How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 02 2007

''Diana'' singer ANKA
''Good'' Roman emperor TRAJAN
''Hans Christian Andersen'' star DANNYKAYE
''How dare __!'' YOU
''I'm impressed!'' OOH
''Just __!'' ASEC
'70s hoops grp. ABA
Acct. for the future IRA
Alleviate EASE
Alpine refrain YODEL
Appt.-book headings MTWTF
Basalt and pumice VOLCANICROCKS
Bite playfully NIPAT
Bizarre FREAKY
Bright thought IDEA
Changed a yacht's course TACKED
Chip in a chip ANTE
College building DORMITORY
Dull finish MATTE
Eastern principle TAO
eBay action BID
Fictional bell town ADANO
Glacial mass ICECAP
Go after SEEK
Guffaw syllable HAR
Gung-ho CANDO
Hands over CEDES
Hyena's hand PAW
Initiating a conversation BREAKINGTHEICE
Just painted WET
Laura of ''ER'' INNES
Lyrical tributes ODES
Mock apple __ PIE
Munch on CHEW
New employee's reference HANDBOOK
Not behind ANTI
Part of a guitar NECK
Period of history AGE
Porcelain ware CHINA
Prefix for national INTER
Pt. of some signatures INIT
Put too much stock in OVERRATE
Put up with ABIDE
Quirky trait TIC
Ray Bradbury genre SCIFI
RCA rival SONY
Rebel yell, for one WARCRY
Robust HALE
Royal seal SIGNET
Science class, briefly BIO
Sea swirl EDDY
Sedate STAID
Sheet size TWIN
Sight-related OPTIC
Silent acknowledgment NOD
Small bill ONE
Stubby tail SCUT
Sushi-bar condiment WASABI
Swiped STOLE
Thrill to pieces ELATE
Tinseltown favorite IDOL
Track event RACE
Type of bicycle TANDEM
Up to the task ABLE
Valuable card in pinochle JACKOFDIAMONDS
Versailles veto NON
Vitality OOMPH
Vocal shortcuts ELISIONS
Warty critter TOAD
Was a kvetch WHINED
Work on a road PAVE
Your, old-style THY
Zilch, in Zacatecas NADA
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