How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 23 2019

''At once!'' now
''Billy'' beast goat
''No need to explain how'' youknowwhattodo
''Sorry, __ interested'' not
''The project has been canceled'' itsanogo
Affirmative votes ayes
All over again anew
As compared to than
ATM ID pin
Battleship letters uss
Berate loudly screamat
Bert's ''Sesame Street'' friend ernie
Blacksmith's iron block anvil
Busybody yenta
Center of an apple core
Christmas season yule
Close call nearmiss
Deal with difficulties cope
Eastern European slav
EMT's skill cpr
Enjoy a newspaper read
Enter cautiously easein
Far from speedy slow
Fearsome dino trex
Fragrant wood cedar
French farewell adieu
Frog's cousin toad
Garbage barge scow
Geeky students nerds
Give a speech orate
Go by car or train ride
Guacamole fruits avocados
Hive dweller bee
Hole-making tool awl
Hot winter beverage cocoa
Image to click icon
Impresses greatly wows
Laid out, as cash spent
Leg joints knees
Lift up raise
Light browns tans
Loch __ monster ness
Make angry rile
Makes ready, for short preps
Mascara stains smears
Mission Control org nasa
Napper's noise snore
Naval recruit's rank seaman
Numerical prefix for pod tri
Ocean's ebb and flow tide
Olympian's prize medal
Op-ed piece essay
Payment to the IRS tax
Performs a role acts
Pinch pennies skimp
Police officers cops
Practice boxing spar
Produce, as a play puton
Recent: Prefix neo
Retail markdowns sales
Revise, as an article edit
Ripped tore
Sandwich fish tuna
Scored 100% on aced
Shakespeare's river avon
Shape of a pie slice wedge
Skin-softening lotions creams
Soda brand named for moonshine mountaindew
Stockholm native swede
Suspect's excuse alibi
Sweepstakes submission entry
Think ahead plan
Unlocks opens
Veggie in a pod pea
Very late, as a debt payment longpastdue
Weighing device scale
Wine barrel cask
Yes-__ question orno
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