How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 21 2019

''It's cold!'' brr
''Jurassic Park'' terror trex
''Miracle on 34th Street'' retailer macy
''Queen of Latin Pop'' estefan
''Sad to say . . .'' alas
2012 Affleck thriller argo
Abounding in certain conifers piney
Actor Epps omar
Alfredo sauce ingredient cream
All worked up irate
Barbarian brute
Barbershop offerings shaves
Big mouth yap
Bisect halve
Bit of parsley sprig
Blaster's supply tnt
Boggy area morass
Bookstore section humor
Bottom file-drawer designation, maybe misc
Break in relations rift
Brigadier's insignia star
Broadcasting live onair
Brownish-ORANGE hue terracotta
Butterfly-attracting flower phlox
Cagney Oscar role cohan
California wine, for short zin
Castaway abodes huts
Center of three X's tac
Chain with an ORANGE logo homedepot
Check for ID card
Civil War-ending signature relee
CNN anchor Burnett erin
Cold-weather conveyance sled
Collectible coin condition fine
Convene meet
Cornmeal concoction polenta
Credit, these days props
Crunchy crudité celery
Cuts short, as a project aborts
Disqualifies (oneself) recuses
Done to extremes trite
Drink flavored with ORANGE oil earlgreytea
Edison's West ORANGE, NJ workplace laboratory
Eerie sighting, for short ufo
Faction of a faith sect
Fallon's late-night predecessor leno
Far from convinced leery
Fierce fighter tiger
Five-star review rave
Foot-operated cymbals hihat
Forest male stag
Fruit with ORANGE flesh cantaloupe
Fuss over oneself preen
Gave a buzz to called
Goes up in a gym, perhaps chins
Good buddy pal
Greenhouse glass pane
Gung-ho avid
Handled adversity coped
Haven't yet paid owe
High-strung tense
Hit a sour note err
Hold in contempt abhor
Ice cream containers pints
In pairs mated
Informal denial nope
Ingredient in faux cheddar soybean
Insertion symbol caret
Intense aversion hatred
Iowa State's city ames
JAMA subscribers drs
Jekyll/Hyde monogram rls
Jesse Jackson once wore one afro
Kitchen timer's sound ding
Kuwait, for one emirate
Lifeboat implement oar
Makes the first bet opens
Merchandise goods
Metaphor for menacing fist
Most from India hindus
Mountie uniform material serge
Moves slightly stirs
Never acquired hasnt
Nonreactive, as neon inert
Novelist Shreve anita
ORANGE avenue in Monopoly tennessee
ORANGE edible on a veggie tray carrotstick
ORANGE snacks cheesecurls
Palermo pie pizza
Parts of Wonder Woman costumes capes
Peach schnapps + ORANGE juice fuzzynavel
Peruvian 96 Across amigo
Petrified Forest's st ariz
Polar __ (frozen toppers) icecaps
Polar __ (low-pressure phenomenon) vortex
Potential source of harm danger
Prefix for friendly eco
Psychological studies egos
Pulls up stakes moves
Puts on a schedule slates
Railway structure trestle
Raison d'__ etre
Rent out lease
Ricci of fashion nina
Rival of Hertz avis
Robust hale
Rock concert souvenir tee
Saying little terse
Sch. with a Providence campus uri
Seal off shut
SeaWorld performers seals
SFO posting etd
Shade of gray ash
Short race dash
Show surprise, say react
Site with handmade goods etsy
Skinflint miser
Slangy show-biz suffix ola
Slowly, on a score lento
Spy's assumed identity cover
St. __ Beach, FL pete
Supply a spread for cater
Symbols of sanctity halos
Take a hike leave
Threw in added
Tidbit in chip dip chive
Tiny bit of paint fleck
Toad feature wart
Tuna at sushi bars ahi
Typos, for instance slips
Unavailable at the moment inuse
Untangle for understanding sortout
Upper limit, for short max
Vague feeling vibe
Wants (to) cares
Warn of 62 Across alert
Water near Niagara Falls erie
Water near Stateline, Nevada tahoe
Well-behaved youngster angel
Well-behaved youngsters dolls
White Sox's crosstown rivals cubs
William of ORANGE's homeland netherlands
Writer Wiesel elie
Z __ ''zebra'' asin
__ dish (lab container) petri
__ liquor (high-alcohol beer) malt
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