How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 13 2014

''Au revoir!'' ADIEU
''Car Talk'' broadcaster NPR
''Sure!'' OKEYDOKE
''That smarts!'' OUCH
''Tomorrow'' musical ANNIE
''Way to go!'' ATTABOY
''Wheel of Fortune'' purchase choices AEIOU
''Yertle the Turtle'' author SEUSS
90 Across city ESSEN
Academic period YEAR
Accepts as a tenant RENTSTO
Advise strongly EXHORT
Advised strongly URGED
Agitated, with ''up'' HET
Aquatic bird COOT
Atmospheric makeup GASES
Audience night at a comedy club OPENMIC
Before, in a 51 Across ERE
Best place for grazing PASTUREPRIME
Biblical sanctuary ARK
Brit. reference set OED
British singing star ADELE
Brother of Jupiter and Pluto NEPTUNE
Cambodia neighbor VIETNAM
Camera type, for short SLR
Canary Islands owner SPAIN
Capote nickname TRU
Catch in a trap SNARE
City near Buffalo, NY ERIEPA
City on Tampa Bay STPETE
Color of a camel TAN
Convertible feature SOFTTOP
Cotton bundle BALE
Cowboy contest RODEO
Delight in EATUP
Dog star, with 97 Across (repeated) RIN
Dollhouse accessory TEASET
Drilling tools AUGERS
Early afternoon ONE
Earthquake SEISM
Electronic inquiry about a fabric TEXTUREMESSAGE
Empty spaces GAPS
Erstwhile anesthetic ETHER
Eyebrow shapes ARCS
Fabricate one's facts LIE
Female turkey HEN
Figure skater Slutskaya IRINA
Fire-breathing boss OGRE
Flock members GEESE
Floral necklace LEI
Four-pedal bike TANDEM
Four-time Indy 500 winner ALUNSER
Gave a new hue to DYED
Gave a ring PHONED
German industrial region RUHR
Give off EXUDE
Gives a ring CALLS
Go bad ROT
Goes bad STALES
Got into shape TONEDUP
Got __ of (ditched) RID
Hannah of Hollywood DARYL
Has __ to stand on NOLEG
Healthful, in product names NUTRI
Hiccup cause SPASM
Homage in verse ODE
Homer's eldest BART
Homer's neighbor NED
Hotshot BIGGUN
Indignation IRE
Informal eateries CAFES
Insincere denial WHOME
It delivers bridgework DENTURECAR
It may run through a river OTTER
It means ''inhabitant'' ITE
It's just over a foot ANKLE
Justice since 1991 THOMAS
Justice since 2010 KAGAN
Lent a hand AIDED
Let air out EXHALE
Log holders ANDIRONS
Logger's tool AXE
Male turkey TOM
Martini ingredient GIN
Not quite right ODD
Now under control TAMED
One of the giants of science NEWTON
Oscar actress Sorvino MIRA
Oscar actress Witherspoon REESE
Overtime situation TIE
Palm reader SEER
Pantry pest ANT
Part of an Uncle Sam costume BEARD
Pensacola pronoun YOUALL
Pop artist Lichtenstein ROY
Pop singer Lionel RICHIE
Porker's place STY
Prefix meaning ''personal'' IDIO
Pries loose UNFIXES
Prophet's prediction, perhaps DOOM
Pulls into a spot PARKS
Relevant, to a lawyer ADREM
Render harmless DEFUSE
Result of a delta damming CLOSUREMOUTH
Risky-business blowup VENTUREANGER
Road show company TROUPE
Roger of the History Channel MUDD
S&L offering IRA
Scallion relatives LEEKS
Schedule data, for short ETAS
See 87 Across TIN
Sew one's own cut SUTURESELF
Sit tight WAIT
Slightly, in a score POCO
Small songbirds WRENS
Snake sound SSS
Soccer stadium shout OLE
Sour liquids ACIDS
Spandex product PRESSUREPANTS
Spouse MATE
State the meaning of DEFINE
Still shrink-wrapped UNUSED
Still-life subject PICTUREFRUIT
Suffix for form ULA
Surfing site THENET
Surrounded by AMID
Take the odds BET
Tennis official SCORER
These: Sp ESTOS
They're imbibed at the hairdresser COIFFUREDRINKS
Three-way pipe TEE
Triage ctrs ERS
Universal donor TYPEO
Update cartography REMAP
Virtuous person SAINT
Watson portrayer on ''Elementary'' LIU
Widely known FAMED
With resolve STOUTLY
Writer Vonnegut KURT
Years and years AGES
__ firma TERRA
__ kwon do TAE
__ out a living EKE
__ polloi HOI
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