How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 13 2008

''All I Want __'' (U2 tune) ISYOU
''Dedicated to the __ Love'' ONEI
''Got it!'' ISEE
''Harlequin's Carnival'' painter MIRO
''Oh wad some power the giftie __ us'': Burns GIE
''The Autobiography of Alice B. __'' TOKLAS
''What's up?'' QUEPASA
''__ oui!'' MAIS
Actress Berger SENTA
Actress Thompson EMMA
Actress Ward SELA
Advantageous TOTHEGOOD
Architectural add-on ELL
Aromatic fir BALSAM
As it happens LIVE
Assailant ATTACKER
Astronaut affirmative AOK
Auction cry SOLD
Author Umberto ECO
B'nai B'rith watchdog org. ADL
Ballpark figs. ESTS
Barely beat EDGED
Baseball great Willie MAYS
Battleground of 1836 ALAMO
Battleground of 1942 BATAAN
Be overfond DOTE
Begins to advocate TAKESUP
Between continents, perhaps ASEA
Big pictures EPICS
Bird beaks NEBS
Blow-up: Abbr. ENL
Buddy MAC
Call for NEED
Call to HAIL
Canine hero of a '95 film BALTO
Capital of South Australia ADELAIDE
Carry it out DOSO
Carson predecessor PAAR
Clayey soil MARL
Comedian's cooking concoction? CHEECHMARINADE
Comic Bruce LENNY
Commando group of '80s TV ATEAM
Community pool site YMCA
Compulsions URGES
Contest submission ENTRY
Cookout food, for short BARBQ
DC stadium RFK
Directional prefix OMNI
Dirty deeds EVILS
Disinclined AVERSE
Does camera work on Thanksgiving? SHOOTSPARADE
DVD forerunner LASERDISK
E-mail command SEND
Egg-filled capsule OVISAC
Emissary LEGATE
Event planners' backup times RAINDATES
Fields expletive DRAT
Firewood units STERES
Flow back EBB
Free from doubt SURE
French notions IDEES
Fundamental principle BASIS
General on Chinese menus TSO
George Washington portraitist PEALE
German article EIN
Go quickly FLY
Good-natured banter JOSH
Greek letter ETA
Greenish blue CYAN
Hammer's creator SPILLANE
Has no use for HATES
He's no angel DEMON
High-muck-a-mucks NABOBS
Impulsive RASH
It means ''bad'' MAL
Its antonym is in the Declaration ALIENABLE
Johnson of ''Laugh-In'' ARTE
Kerry and Kennedy: Abbr. DEMS
Knot in wood KNAR
Larger-than-life statue of a Civil War general? SUPERSIZEMEADE
Like Osage oranges INEDIBLE
Like oxygen ODORLESS
Low-pH compound ACID
Mai __ TAI
Mauna __ LOA
Medical facility CLINIC
Merrymaking GAIETIES
Mickelson org. PGA
Mine, in Marseille AMOI
Minor mishap BOBBLE
Monet or Manet ARTIST
Most dreadful DIREST
Most populated DENSEST
Move stealthily CREEP
Music genre NEWAGE
Narrow inlet RIA
Number of states when Monroe was sworn in NINETEEN
NY neighbor ONT
Orangutan, for one GREATAPE
Overwhelmed BOGGLED
Pantry pest ANT
Parting word ADIEU
Patron saint of gamers? JOANOFARCADE
Piano piece played in an alley? BOWLINGBALLADE
Pitcher and Ringwald MOLLYS
Place to relax SPA
Planting places BEDS
Prefix for sphere ATMO
Printers' widths ENS
Refinement POLISH
Reggae relative SKA
Remarks to the audience ASIDES
Ruin MAR
Screen image ICON
Slippery critter EEL
Slope wear SKIMASKS
Some noblemen EARLS
Spirited horses STEEDS
Strikes out OMITS
Stupefied DAZED
Synthetic fabric ORLON
Tarzan portrayer Ron et al. ELYS
This, in Tijuana ESTO
Thomas of ''That Girl'' MARLO
Took back RECANTED
Try for flounder FISH
Turner autobiography ITINA
Type of verb: Abbr. INTR
Typical military lockup? COMMONSTOCKADE
Weather word CLEAR
Words of denial IDONOT
__ Python MONTY
__ whim ONA
__-friendly USER
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