How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 11 2009

''Check it out!'' TADA
''No Exit'' woman INEZ
''Rhapsody in Blue'' introducer CLARINET
''Ten North Frederick'' author OHARA
''The Sun City'' ELPASO
''Twenty Years After'' character DARTAGNAN
''Wedding Bell Blues'' composer NYRO
Advances INROADS
Akron minor-league team AEROS
Anne Hathaway role JANEAUSTEN
Appetites YENS
Asian festivals TETS
At that TOO
Beyond blue HEARTSORE
Big name in compacts LAUDER
Big-game hunter's haunt? SPORTSBAR
Blacken CHAR
City ESE of Mocha ADEN
Civil War setting, 1977-92 MOZAMBIQUE
Crow bar ROOST
Dashiell detective NORA
De-bunk? ROUST
Dismissive remark IGNOREIT
Eisner successor IGER
Escalate, with ''up'' RATCHET
European union prename LECH
Exemplar of insincerity HEEP
Exercise area PRISONYARD
Extracts with effort WRINGS
Eye-catching swimmer TETRA
Fighter's director ACE
Footwear surname MCAN
Gazetteer abbr. MTNS
Guttural CROAKY
Harry's pal RON
Honest Abe's dad et al. ABNERS
Introductory course SOUP
iPod button MENU
Lazy __ SUSAN
Let accumulate RANUP
Like a gimlet LIMY
Mechanization prefix ROBO
Michener travelogue IBERIA
Nickname for ''The King'' ARNIE
Nobility PEERAGE
Oil-drilling sites SEABEDS
Outlying, in a way RURAL
Painter Daumier HONORE
Paisley brushoff NAE
Philatelist's purchase ALBUM
Pop-music genre TEJANO
Raise objections CARP
Stops shilly-shallying OPTS
Stretches EKES
Strip alternative TBONE
Tale teller GRIMM
Temporal arrangement CHRONOLOGY
Tenerife, for example ISLA
They're marked on some math tests PIS
Throw off EMIT
Toscanini conducted its premiere LABOHEME
Tricky strokes DROPSHOTS
Unilever brand RAGU
Vagary WHIM
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