How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 08 2019

''In other words . . .'' imean
''Rain maybe'' forecast chanceofshowers
''Thou __ not steal'' shalt
''Tiny'' boy in ''A Christmas Carol'' tim
Adore love
After-tax net
Ample, as time lotsof
Bit of paint dab
Blender setting for baby food puree
Burglar's haul loot
Cable channel of Congress cspan
Cake to wash with soap
Canyon sound echo
Carryall bags totes
Chiding sounds tsks
Cob of corn ear
Competent able
Computer user hearing ''You've got mail!'' aoler
Conclusion end
Crafted by an artisan handmade
Curved lines arcs
Denver's state colorado
Does hooked needlework crochets
Double-curve letter ess
Edible sunflower bit seed
Entice lure
Feeling edgy tense
Flash seen during 20 Across lightningbolt
Fractions of a dollar cents
Gas in store signs neon
Gig for sopranos opera
Goad into action spur
Grain in sushi rice
Great courage nerve
Have a meal eat
Keep a nest egg save
Local food shop deli
Long river through Egypt nile
Long-lasting hairdo perm
Maui or Ireland isle
Mediocre soso
Narrow bottle part neck
Noisy downpours thunderstorms
One-stripe soldier: Abbr pfc
Part of an eye iris
Party giver host
Person, place, or thing noun
Polite guy gent
Press clothing iron
Propels with oars rows
Prosecutors: Abbr das
Pulverize, as potatoes mash
Round roofs domes
Scottish hat tam
Shredded, with ''up'' tore
Skim milk's lack fat
Slangy refusal nah
Small and mischievous elfin
Small boats' docking place marina
Small wallet bills ones
Sneeze sound achoo
Sound of a bull snort
Speak unclearly slur
Stately shade sources elms
Sway suddenly lurch
Sycamore or palm tree
Teapot opening spout
Thing of value asset
Tied, as a score even
Tiny bite nip
Triple-decker cookie oreo
Uncool person nerd
Window glass pane
Windshield sticker decal
Woodwind instrument oboe
Words before a daring attempt heregoes
__ in ''cat'' cas
__ page (newspaper's beginning) front
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