How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 02 2006

''As __ saying . . .'' IWAS
''Break __!'' ALEG
''In __'' (existing) ESSE
''Mary Poppins'' actor EDWYNN
''No __!'' PROB
''Peter Pan'' pirate SMEE
''Phooey!'' NUTS
''So that's it!'' OHO
'60s novelty dance FUNKYCHICKEN
1992 presidential candidate PEROT
A bit peculiar LOOPY
Actor Beatty NED
Actress Arthur BEA
Among other things INTERALIA
Ancient Greek physician GALEN
Apartment amenity BALCONY
Approximately ORSO
Arranged fashionably STYLED
Arrow shooter BOW
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Attends (to) MINISTERS
Baker and Bryant ANITAS
Blossom FLOWER
Branch of learning OLOGY
Bustles ADOS
Bygone ruler TSAR
Capp and Capone ALS
Carpet fiber RAYON
Cartoon character's theme, with ''The'' WOODYWOODPECKERSONG
Chose, with ''for'' OPTED
Classic gospel tune WINGSOFADOVE
Clever comments QUIPS
Code-breaking org. NSA
Community pool site YMCA
Confined PENT
Cowardly Lion portrayer LAHR
Cross swords DUEL
Cut ruthlessly HACK
DC TV station WUSA
Detained, perhaps INCUSTODY
Duplicates DITTOS
Durable wood OAK
False alarm SCARE
Feeds, as hogs SLOPS
Film maker KODAK
Filmmaker DeMille CECIL
Former liberal, perhaps NEOCON
Friend of Fran KUKLA
Fuel efficiency meas. MPG
Full of breezes AIRY
Gambit PLOY
Gibbon, for one APE
Goodman style SWING
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Hammer part PEEN
In an inimitable way UNIQUELY
Jamaican music SKA
John Denver tune, with ''The'' EAGLEANDTHEHAWK
Kilimanjaro's continent AFRICA
Kingston Trio song MTA
Kite propellant WIND
Lawyers' org. ABA
Leaf openings PORES
Like a packing list ENCLOSED
Like an amoeba MOTILE
Like some newspapers: Abbr. WKLY
Locomotive fuel COAL
Loft locale BARN
Looked impolitely LEERED
Madison Avenue worker ADMAN
Main parts of letters BODIES
Marshy inlet BAYOU
Mask feature EYEHOLES
Matches SEES
Melodic ARIOSE
Mild cigar CLARO
Misrepresentations FALSITIES
More boorish RUDER
Neon's lack ODOR
New Age singer ENYA
No ally FOE
Northern fliers RCAF
Oil source SHALE
Old saying SAW
Olympian's sword EPEE
One carrying on a trade PLYER
Online matchmaking category TURNONS
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
Pane securer PUTTY
Paradise EDEN
Part of ''M*A*S*H'' ARMY
Photographer's device ENLARGER
Port of Yemen ADEN
Purple shade LILAC
Queen of France REINE
Reassuring response IMOK
Restrain BATE
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame architect PEI
Role for Liz CLEO
Russian chessmaster TAL
Sailboat poles SPRITS
Salad green ENDIVE
Set right REDRESS
Shatner, on ''Boston Legal'' CRANE
Shipbuilding center of Italy GENOA
Showed subservience KNELT
Sidekick PARTNER
Sign up ENROL
Silents actor Conrad NAGEL
Singer Carey MARIAH
Solitary sorts LONERS
Source of indigo ANIL
Spheres ORBS
Spine-tingling EERIE
Sri Lanka city KANDY
Submissions to an ed. MSS
Sun. speech SER
Taxpayer ID SSN
The Magi, e.g. TRIO
They might be sectional SOFAS
Till fillers ONES
Took a meal ATE
Took in DRANK
Top-10 tune for Carly Simon and James Taylor MOCKINGBIRD
Top-10 tune of '58 ROCKINROBIN
Toward the rear ASTERN
Tune heard in ''Sleepless in Seattle'' BYEBYEBLACKBIRD
Unspecified number ANY
VCR button REC
Way out there FAR
Wine sediment LEES
Wisconsin lake WINNEBAGO
Witches' concoctions BREWS
With agility SPRYLY
Writer Wister OWEN
www.rutgers.__ EDU
Yanks' opponents REBS
__ Aires BUENOS
__ nut (auto-wheel holder) LUG
__ prof. ASST
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