How many letters in the Answer?

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'-- Buddies (old sitcom)' BOSOM
'A Fish Called --' (1988 film) WANDA
'Chinatown' star Jack NICHOLSON
'Golly --!' GEE
'Help -- the way!' ISON
'I thought we -- deal!' HADA
'Te --' (Juan's 'I love you') AMO
'Tempus --' ('Time flies') FUGIT
'The First Time -- Saw Your Face' EVERI
-- -a-brac BRIC
-- -Z ATO
-- and wide FAR
-- Aviv TEL
-- corn (cob's unit) EAROF
1951 Akira Kurosawa film RASHOMON
A law -- oneself UNTO
Adversaries RIVALS
Be covetous of ENVY
Beelzebub SATAN
Below, in poetry NEATH
Briny waters SEA
Bristol brew ALE
Broadcast AIR
Catches NABS
Chapeau HAT
Coach Parseghian ARA
Color shade HUE
Comfortable as -- shoe ANOLD
Completed DONE
Court plea, informally NOLO
Cut up finely MINCE
Daily duties CHORES
Dashed off RAN
Defer acting WAIT
Devotees FANS
Digital video file format, briefly MPEG
Disgusting YUCKY
Disrupts UPSETS
Dog and fox CANINES
Droplets at dawn DEW
Egg, in a lab OVUM
Entry point for a sewer worker MANHOLE
Exaggerated comedy FARCE
Extra-wide shoe width EEEE
Face-to-face exams ORALS
Fall bloom ASTER
Firmly twisted wool yarn WORSTED
Flair ELAN
Float gently in the air WAFT
Freight CARGO
French for 'school' ECOLE
Fugue composer BACH
Gap in a countertop, say? INTERRUPTIONOFSURFACE
Got beaten LOST
Greek letter THETA
Gun type RIFLE
Ho Chi -- City MINH
Homeless kid WAIF
Hop- -- -thumb OMY
Hotel unit in which several people are staying? AROOMWITHAFEW
House divs. RMS
Ice cream parlor treats FRAPPES
Indian royal RANI
Iowa capital DESMOINES
Join in union WED
Jungle den LAIR
King, in France ROI
King, in Spain REY
Knives and forks, e.g. FLATWARE
Lack of punctuality LATENESS
Large family CLAN
Large family TRIBE
Largest city in Norway OSLO
Leavening agents YEASTS
Lemieux's org. NHL
Less messy TIDIER
Letters before ens EMS
Like blackboards ERASABLE
Like sheep OVINE
Logician's starting point PREMISE
Mad dog's warning GRR
Made merry HADFUN
Modest eatery CAFE
Montana city HELENA
Moscow's fed., once USSR
Mouth tops ROOFS
Mr. T TV series, with 'The' ATEAM
Neighbor of Earth MARS
Notion about a way to get to Staten Island? THEFERRYIDEA
Parasite's artful plan? INFESTINGSTRATEGY
Partner of dollars CENTS
Person from Papeete TAHITIAN
Phrase on a perishable product USEBY
Polly's 'Alice' role FLO
Put in a row ALIGN
Rationale REASON
Reeking FETID
Replies of consent YESES
Restore RENEW
Return to life REVIVE
Rocky orbiting body ASTEROID
Sad newpaper notices OBITS
Sardine can TIN
Say 'the drawing of air into the lungs'? DEFINEINSPIRATION
See 29-Across REELER
Shreds, as cheese GRATES
Singer Gaye MARVIN
Singer Lee BRENDA
Singers' last albums? FINALRECORDS
Sitcom alien ALF
Slash mark? SCAR
Slip away ELAPSE
Small faction that's centrally located? FOCALMINORITY
Soldier's over-the-shoulder belt BANDOLEER
Sore all over ACHY
Sound at the beginning of 'gem' SOFTG
Stairway part RAIL
Sub offerer DELI
Tenor Bocelli ANDREA
Termination END
The Big Apple, briefly NYNY
Touch up, as text EMEND
Tough string TWINE
Tracking systems RADARS
TV actress Charlotte RAE
TV dog star LASSIE
Understand FATHOM
Utilized a prayer rug KNELT
Very high mountain EVEREST
Wise goddess ATHENA
With 3-Down, short film ONE
Worshiper of Brahma HINDU
Writer Welty EUDORA
Younger Reagan boy RON
Yuletide tree FIR
Zodiac feline LEO
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