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Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Sep 18 2016

'-- folly to be wise' TIS
'Aw, shucks' GEE
'Dancing With the Stars' judge Goodman LEN
'Honest' prez ABE
'Love Song' band of 1989 THECURE
'Rosemary's Baby' star MIAFARROW
-- Poke (candy brand) SLO
Abominated HATED
Actor LeBlanc MATT
Actress Garr or Hatcher TERI
Apply with a syringe INJECT
Artist Yoko ONO
Battle vestige SCAR
Belief suffix ISM
Big wild cats TIGERS
Blouse, e.g TOP
Bonnie Parker's partner in crime CLYDEBARROW
Bow out EXIT
Brewed beverage TEA
Brewed beverages ALES
Brunei's island BORNEO
Came upon MET
Cast another ballot REVOTE
Certain electron stream BETARAY
Chant a mantra, e.g INTONE
Chomp on BITE
City in New Hampshire KEENE
Closing part ENDER
Clothes smoother IRONER
Colorado ski mecca ASPEN
Commands ORDERS
Corp. head CEO
Couldn't do without NEEDED
Country singer Lynn LORETTA
Cried out in excitement WHOOPED
Daddies POPS
Dance move STEP
Drive (out) ROUST
Emphasizes ACCENTS
Ending for press URE
Farm sounds MOOS
Fleur-de- -- LIS
Formerly surnamed NEE
Fruity drinks ADES
Furthermore AND
Get by will INHERIT
Get ready, for short PREP
Go after legally SUE
Going backpacking HIKING
Gown fabric SATIN
Grain variety OAT
Hair-raising SCARY
He sang in a folk trio with Paul Stookey and Mary Travers PETERYARROW
Hold on to RETAIN
Honda minivan ODYSSEY
Horn honker TOOTER
Ill-bred man CAD
Jamie of 'M*A*S*H' FARR
Jar toppers LIDS
Join a force ENLIST
Just-made NEW
Keaton of film DIANE
Kicked out BOOTED
Kickoff aids TEES
Lead role in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' CAPTAINSPARROW
Legume seed vessel PEAPOD
Like sad excuses LAME
Lingo suffix ESE
Look on and offer unwelcome advice KIBITZ
Love, to Livy AMOR
Major fad CRAZE
Makes a flub ERRS
Mean fish PIRANHA
Meryl of the screen STREEP
More scanty SPARSER
More serene CALMER
Most of them run on gas AUTOS
Namely TOWIT
Native New Zealander MAORI
New Year's song word SYNE
New York Jets coach Bowles TODD
North Carolinian, colloquially TARHEEL
Not alfresco INSIDE
Not idle ACTIVE
Not present ABSENT
November birthstone TOPAZ
Nuke ZAP
Of a much earlier era ANTIQUE
Overseas travel woe JETLAG
Pear discard STEM
Pedicure targets TOES
Periodical team, briefly EDS
Plantation, e.g ESTATE
Plays at love FLIRTS
Plug up CLOG
Plus other things: Abbr ETC
Poker-faced DEADPAN
Porkers' pen STY
Portuguese capital LISBON
Preacher's exhortation REPENT
Pride of Mr. Universe PHYSIQUE
Promptly ONTIME
Pundit Myers DEEDEE
Puts forward ASSERTS
Quack's cure-all SNAKEOIL
Regards as DEEMS
Roads: Abbr STS
Robert of 'Vega$' URICH
Satire device IRONY
Say another way RESTATE
Scopes trial lawyer CLARENCEDARROW
Sea, to Gigi MER
Sensation of slight prickles TINGLE
Ship's veer YAW
Shivers SHAKES
Shore birds TERNS
Soak SOP
Some woolen coats TWEEDS
Sometimes-shocking fish EEL
South, in Spain SUR
Spirit and resilience METTLE
Sports site ARENA
That lad's HIS
To's opposite FRO
Tokyo robe KIMONO
Trial excuse ALIBI
Unfitting INAPT
Unfroze MELTED
Unreciprocal ONEWAY
Vacillate SEESAW
Very, to Gigi TRES
Window over a door TRANSOM
Winter glider SLED
With no difficulty EASILY
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