How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Sep 16 2018

'Alfie' singer dionnewarwick
'Being Julia' star Bening annette
'Dream on!' asif
'It's my guess ...' ipresume
'Piece of cake!' easy
'Quantico' network abc
'Robin --' (Irish ballad) adair
'That kinda thing': Abbr etc
'To Live and Die --' (1985 film) inla
'Woof!' arf
-- -do-well neer
-- chi tai
1960s war zone nam
Aesir god odin
Aid in crime abet
Astern aft
Attach annex
Author O'Brien edna
B&B, e.g inn
Barely earns, with 'out' ekes
Be inviting to tempt
Belt holders loops
Bi- less one uni
Bill add-ons riders
Boasted of vaunted
Body tubes ducts
Bone-dry arid
Butter-and-flour mixture roux
Caribbean island aruba
Certain woodwind oboe
City east of Syracuse utica
City on the eastern shore of Lake Erie buffalonewyork
City-related urban
Coins or bills cash
Cuba's Castro raul
Dawn deity eos
Decompose rot
Designer Mizrahi isaac
Desires yens
Diacritical squiggle tilde
Diglyceride, e.g ester
Diva Streisand barbra
Divine food manna
Effective use of language rhetoric
Ending for opal ine
Energize, with 'up' pep
Energize, with 'up' amp
English county (it can be added to the ends of this puzzle's seven longest answers) shire
Feeling blue bummedout
Fight stopper truce
Figure out get
Fish-fowl link nor
Florida-to-Indiana dir nnw
Follower of James Buchanan abrahamlincoln
Foot arch instep
For each per
Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist lindseybuckingham
Friend in France ami
Fuzzy fruit kiwi
Gave birth to had
Glorified praised
Great anger ire
Greek 'H' eta
Grow incisors, e.g teethe
Haifa native israeli
He played Lou Grant edasner
Hitter Ripken cal
Hub: Abbr ctr
Idyllic spot eden
Intro painting class, maybe arti
Irish money euro
It isn't poetry prose
Jack of 'Dragnet' webb
Joker Jay leno
Jorge's gold oro
La. neighbor ark
La. neighbor tex
Lascivious guys roues
Laurel and Hardy film achumpatoxford
Let go release
Loin or chop cut
Longtime porcelain brand royalworcester
Min. division sec
Mix up addle
Mo. #10 oct
Moines lead-in des
Morse click dit
Nation land
Nine and two eleven
Not inert reactive
Not-so-great grade dee
Not-so-great grade cee
Old Glory's country usa
Old stringed instrument lyre
Optimal best
Outer: Prefix ect
Overwhelm awe
Part of a flight of steps stair
Paul Anka's 'Eso --' beso
PC monitor type lcd
Piano exercise etude
Pint-size petite
Plotters' plot cabal
Plus and
Pond dweller newt
Pop singer Halliwell geri
Postpones delays
Pouch near a kettle teabag
Private pupil tutee
Provide with a new outfit resuit
Put -- show ona
Put on wear
Race held every May kentuckyderby
Resounded echoed
Restless antsy
Rich cake torte
Rival of Lyft uber
Sailor's call ahoy
See 71-Down air
Senator Rubio marco
Singer Judd naomi
Singer Starr kay
Smart-alecky fresh
Some inserts ads
Some linens sheets
Spanish dances in 3/4 time boleros
Steered led
Suffix with ethyl ene
Suffix with shepherd ess
They often show DOBs ids
Topiary tree yew
Travel plan route
Turtles' tops shells
Typeface option arial
Unclad nude
Vacillates sways
Very varying diverse
Virtuous moral
Vital factor lifeblood
Voyaging asea
Walk shakily dodder
Watchdog breeds akitas
With 29-Across, new Apple product of 2013 ipad
Workshop lab
Written with a #2, say penciled
You, in Germany sie
Zagreb native croatian
Zimbabwe, before 1979 rhodesia
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