How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Sep 16 2012

'-- be nice if ...' ITD
'-- see' ('Evidently') SOI
'I -- vacation' NEEDA
'Larry --' (2011 Tom Hanks film) CROWNE
'Lo-o-ovely!' OOH
'Revenge is -- best served cold' ADISH
'The Da -- Code' VINCI
'The Lost City' director and co-star ANDYGARCIA
'Vincent & --' (1990 film) THEO
'What a Girl Wants' star Bynes AMANDA
-- cotta TERRA
-- lump sum INONE
1725 Vivaldi work, in a first language? MANDARINCONCERTO
2002 Bond film, in a first language? THAIANOTHERDAY
Actor LaBeouf SHIA
Actor Sean ASTIN
Animal pouches SACS
Animal's nail CLAW
Archer's need AIM
Arrest STOP
Bailiff's cry, in a first language? URDUINTHECOURT
Beach Boys title girl RHONDA
Bearings MIENS
Believer in God, of a sort DEIST
Big flap ADO
Big name in bond credit ratings MOODYS
Blasting inits TNT
Burden ONUS
Cain's nephew ENOS
Charity recipient DONEE
Chartered RENTED
Coiled about TWINED
Collect, as benefits REAP
Comaneci of gymnastics NADIA
Composer Khachaturian ARAM
Crew tool OAR
Cronus, e.g TITAN
Deli offering BAGEL
Did a dash RAN
Directs STEERS
Dot-com address URL
Earthling HUMAN
Element in brass ZINC
Falco or McClurg EDIE
Firm bigwig, in a first language? GERMANOFTHEBOARD
Form a hole DIG
Fringe EDGE
Fyn citizen DANE
Gave temporarily LOANED
Greek water nymph NAIAD
Grown boys MEN
Gust, in a first language? RUSSIANWIND
Heinz canful BEANS
Here, to Luc ICI
Hold the title to OWN
Home of the Taj Mahal AGRA
I-85, e.g RTE
Igloo builder ALEUT
Illuminated LIT
Impudent PERT
In -- (as first placed) SITU
Infant's cry WAH
Inflicted on DIDTO
JVC rival RCA
Keying-in skill, in a first language? DUTCHTYPING
Lacks what it takes CANT
Lay to rest ENTOMB
Like carrots ORANGE
Like many Easter eggs DYED
Like the 'Six Million Dollar Man' BIONIC
Live online lecture WEBINAR
Manicure, as a lawn MOW
Mass of eggs ROE
Meat dish ROAST
Melodic ARIOSO
Milo of stage and screen OSHEA
Misprint list ERRATA
Mortgage adjustment, for short REFI
Naxos' sea AEGEAN
New -- (artist like Enya) AGER
NFL stats TDS
Not 'for here' TOGO
Obstinate equines ASSES
Occasions to use tubs BATHS
Olds of 1999-2004 ALERO
On Soc. Sec RET
One of the seven conts AFR
Oval circuit specialty, in a first language? HINDICARRACING
Packed down firmly TAMPED
Painter -- del Sarto ANDREA
Past chunky OBESE
Pasture peril STAMPEDE
PC jacks PORTS
Pianists' dexterity improvers ETUDES
Pig product HAM
Places for 'Welcome to ...' signs STATELINES
Plague NAGAT
Pollster's prediction TREND
Pop or rock MUSIC
Practice USE
Prefix with 30-Across INTER
Prefix with interference NON
Prof's deg PHD
Raiment ATTIRE
Really dislike ABHOR
Rest against LEANON
Ribbed pasta RIGATONI
Right, to left: Abbr OPP
Roman 601 DCI
S. Amer. country URU
Sci. of the environment ECOL
See 28-Across SKATED
Severeness RIGOR
Side-to-side extent WIDTH
Socialite Lauder ESTEE
Solicit alms BEG
Some urban rec facilities YMCAS
Specifies NAMES
Straighten up NEATEN
Subpar mark DEE
Suit adequately BEFIT
Table salt, symbolically NACL
Tepee TENT
They may be slammed DOORS
Thick -- brick ASA
Tic- -- -toe TAC
Tooth doctor's org ADA
Top-secret gp NSA
Tostada kin TACO
Tree that's a source of chocolate CACAO
Very jealous, in a first language? KOREANWITHENVY
Waikiki's island OAHU
Wild tusker BOAR
Win a point SCORE
With 100-Down, did an axel or a lutz ICE
Without uncertainty, in a first language? LAOANDCLEAR
Yes, to Luc OUI
Yet to be paid DUE
Z, to Brits ZED
Zilch NIL
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