How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Oct 29 2006

'-- Care of Business (1974 hit)' TAKIN
'... three men in --' ATUB
'Ici on -- francais' PARLE
'Put -- in it!' ('Shut up!') ACORK
'Sock --!' ('Laugh-In' line) ITTOME
'Speed' star Reeves KEANU
'Tokyo,' to 'Kyoto' ANAGRAM
-- -do-well (loafer) NEER
-- and tonic GIN
-- funk (sad) INA
-- la la TRA
1993 title role for Al Pacino CARLITO
Aardvark's dinner ANTS
Actor Banderas ANTONIO
Actor Berry KEN
Actor Quinn AIDAN
Actor Russell CROWE
Actress Peeples NIA
Address on the WWW URL
After-bath powder TALC
Alley roamer CAT
Alternatively ELSE
Amsterdam illusionist's offering? DUTCHTRICK
Applies holy oil to ANOINTS
Armistice PEACE
Art stand EASEL
Bamboozles as a king would? TRICKSLIKEROYALTY
Bandleader Skinnay -- ENNIS
Bar of gold INGOT
Barbra Streisand musical film YENTL
Beethoven's 'Fur --' ELISE
Big name in cell phones NOKIA
Biker's wear HELMET
Bill picked up by cager Johnson? MAGICTREAT
Bottled water brand EVIAN
Brewed beverage TEA
Catholic clerics DEACONS
Cato's 700 DCC
Caustic compound ACID
China's Mao -- TSETUNG
Chinese meditative exercises TAICHI
Church council SYNOD
Competent CAPABLE
Conditional release PAROLE
Cop's wheels POLICECAR
Davis of 'Thelma & Louise' GEENA
Declare STATE
Dot on an 'i' TITTLE
Doughnut fillers CREAMS
Duped into attending a potluck? TRICKEDTODINNER
Dust-covered bonbon? DIRTYTREAT
Eaves' site ROOF
Enemy agency on 'Get Smart' KAOS
ENT part EAR
Excursions TOURS
Expectation HOPE
Foams up LATHERS
Former Chrysler LEBARON
Former org. of Jim Bakker PTL
Formula of belief CREDO
From long, long ago AGEOLD
Galahad's title SIR
Get dressed ENROBE
Golf club also called a number two wood BRASSIE
Guitar kin, for short UKE
Halloween wear MASK
Hellenic hangout AGORA
High crag TOR
Hip homes PADS
Ill will ENMITY
Ill-conceived dog biscuits? STUPIDPETTREATS
Ill-mannered RUDE
Ineffective method for fooling a woman? NOWAYTOTRICKALADY
Ineffectual USELESS
Inlets BAYS
Involved with INTO
Islamic Bible KORAN
Ivory or Dial SOAP
Judo move KICK
Keystone State port ERIE
Kind of bear POLAR
Lakers star Bryant KOBE
Lentil, e.g. SEED
Locust tree, e.g. ACACIA
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
More frigid COLDER
More glum MOPIER
Nile's land EGYPT
Novelist -- Leonard ELMORE
One gazing EYER
Painter Salvador DALI
Parking spot SPACE
PC inserts CDS
Pencil tips ERASERS
Piece of penny candy? CHEAPTREAT
Pint-size MIDGET
President of Syria ASSAD
Previously ONCE
Puts forth as fact SAYSSO
Rice dish PILAF
Santa -- (hot winds) ANAS
School sessions CLASSES
Shows fallibility ERRS
Simple Halloween costume GHOST
Singer DiFranco ANI
Slangy gun GAT
Sleeping pill brand NYTOL
Slice of time ERA
Slum sight RAT
Some govt. lawyers DAS
Some printing dashes EMS
Spanish muralist SERT
Spill over SLOSH
Spoon, say UTENSIL
Spot's friend FIDO
Stage name ALIAS
Supermodel Heidi KLUM
Tax shelter option ROTHIRA
Those, to José ESOS
Thoughts IDEAS
Threatening one MENACER
Tin, for one METAL
Top-drawer AONE
Unruly kid BRAT
Very fast, in music PRESTO
Video store transaction RENTAL
Washes LAVES
Web host? SPIDER
West Pointer, e.g. CADET
With 71-Down, protein building block AMINO
With 71-Down, vinegar, essentially ACETIC
Without a key center ATONAL
Women's soccer star MIAHAMM
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