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'And on and on': Abbr etcetc
'Dilate' artist DiFranco ani
'My treat' onme
'So that's your trick!' oho
'Toodles!' tata
'— help if ...' itd
1970s-'80s sitcom alice
1970s-'80s skit show sctv
Academy email ending edu
Activity-tracking device fitbit
Actor Kevin of 'Weeds' nealon
Actors Kilmer and Avery vals
Actress Duff or Swank hilary
Ad — committee hoc
Add zing to pepup
Alternate spelling of a word: Abbr var
Apple buy imac
Assembly associated with a church creed ecclesiasticalcouncil
Astral bear ursa
At least one any
Baldwin of 'Aloha' alec
Balsam fir or pine extract oleoresin
Bana of 'Troy' eric
Be fond of like
Beautify adorn
Beginner tyro
Belief system ism
Big name in slushes icee
Bit of babble from a crib googoo
British soldier of old redcoat
Broiling bar spit
Cheapest ship quarters, formerly steerage
Churn up roil
Civil War folk song auralee
Clergyman's area: Abbr rel
Clothes attire
Cost an arm — leg anda
Dartboard's rings, e.g concentriccircles
Diverse assortments eclecticcollections
Docs' orders meds
Draw out educe
Dude fella
Egg-shaped things ovoids
Elicit an encore, say clap
Ending of ordinals eth
Epic about Troy iliad
Epoch age
Err in finding the total of misadd
Eye suggestively ogle
Fair-hiring abbr eeo
Far from flat, as terrain hilly
Flip out loseit
Flow stopper dam
Flukes chanceoccurrences
Food filter sieve
For the — (temporarily) nonce
Formerly once
French for 'summer' ete
Fruity beverages ades
Fruity pastries tarts
Gazes stares
Get fixated obsess
Gets as much as one can out of milks
Gift getter donee
Govt. health agency cdc
Grandpa Walton player Will geer
Guided led
Gyro breads pitas
Hauled (off) carted
Infuriated maddened
Interior-design magazine elledecor
Italian entree chickencacciatore
Jaffa citizen israeli
Jai — alai
Jean- — Godard luc
Keepsake relic
Lobby orgs pacs
Ltd. cousin inc
Luau chow poi
Many a released prisoner parolee
Mars vehicle rover
Mille — (Minnesota county) lacs
Not righted, as wrongs unatoned
Number of dwarfs seven
Oakland team raiders
Old Persian mede
Once-a-year annual
Open into flower blossom
Optimistic declaration ican
Ore- — ida
Part of a routine baby immunization pneumococcalvaccine
Part of MFA arts
Patronize for purchases shopat
Peewee pup runt
Pitted garnishes olives
Poem of exaltation ode
Police cruiser copcar
Post-it note, informally stickie
Prefix for 'height' acro
Pursued chased
Put off deter
Read digitally scan
Reagan's 'Star Wars' prog sdi
Run up, as expenses incur
Saints linebacker Manti — teo
Salt, chemically nacl
Scottish port ayr
Seamless shift segue
See 65-Down line
Self-pride conceit
Signs off on oks
Stetson, say hat
Stretchy elastic
Suffix with pent- ane
Take out of the pier undock
Tardy late
Tarzan player Ron ely
Tax form ID ssn
Tennis segment won without loss of a point lovegame
The 'A' of OAS: Abbr amer
The Bible's Queen of — sheba
The Green Party's Ralph nader
Three, in Ulm drei
Trades jabs spars
Trendy modern
Trendy chic
Tries to trim down diets
Utah's lily sego
Viper type asp
Watch readout, for short lcd
Whale locale ocean
What a siemens is a unit of electricalconductance
Winans with 12 Grammys cece
With 17-Down, Princess or Royal Caribbean cruise
— -chef (#2 in a kitchen) sous
— Khan (Islamic title) aga
— T (just so) toa
— whim ona
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