How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Oct 14 2018

'-- a jealous mistress' artis
'-- your call' its
'1984' novelist George orwell
'Ad -- per aspera' astra
'Arrow' network thecw
'Devious Maids' actress Ortiz ana
'Girl Code' channel mtv
'Kidnapped' author's inits rls
'Much obliged' thanks
'Yipes!' egads
-- -Magnon cro
-- degree nth
-- good clip ata
-- Island (old immigration point) ellis
-- Jovi bon
-- mater alma
1940s pres hst
Abode: Abbr res
Actor Aziz -- ansari
Actor Milo oshea
Actress Garr teri
Air-cooling vanes fanblades
Alley hisser cat
Answer to 'Are you?' iam
Application usage
Artificial waterway canal
Ax-wielding lumberjack hewer
Bar none ofall
Beat against, as waves lashat
Beer barrel keg
Big lug oaf
Big printer brand epson
Bleepers of bad words censors
Bridges of film lloyd
British island in Polynesia pitcairn
Carnival classics ferriswheels
Celery piece rib
Choose opt
Coll. email ender edu
Conductor Arturo toscanini
Copier stuff toner
Create a new digital image of rescan
Cyst, e.g sac
DiFranco of song ani
Dramatist Clifford odets
Dust devils' cousins tornadoes
E-address url
Earthy hue, to Brits ochre
Ending for cash ier
Ending for Siam ese
Engendered bred
Et -- (and others) alii
Examined before robbing cased
Expiated atoned
Explorer Hernando desoto
Faint trace wisp
Falco of TV edie
Feel ill ail
Fill-in worker temp
Film award oscar
Film providing a factual report, for short docu
Firestone products automobiletires
Formal duds for a dude tux
German city ulm
Get up stand
Give a false story lieto
Give a thrill elate
Gloomy morose
Gotten up arisen
Highest peak in N.Z mtcook
Hopi abode pueblo
In -- (agitated) astew
In a self-effacing way modestly
Inedible kind of orange osage
Ireland's -- Lingus aer
It fills la Seine eau
Jacuzzi joint spa
Jays' places nests
Julio's gold oro
Kids hold their horses on them carousels
LAX screeners tsa
Letters of the weekday mtwtf
Like flimsy excuses lame
Lines of symmetry axes
Little dollop dab
Lots and lots aton
Loudness knob abbr vol
LP players of old hifis
Lupino of 'Jennifer' ida
Mad crowd mob
Many laptops pcs
Martin Van -- buren
Means of telling time clockhands
Meyers of the screen ari
Mining stuff ironore
Moms' sisters, say aunts
NHL game souvenirs pucks
Nile capital cairo
Old overlords tsars
One-of- -- (unique) akind
Pampering, for short tlc
Paradisiacal edenic
Piece of mail: Abbr ltr
Planets, e.g celestialbodies
Plant swelling edema
Point of view angle
Professional org assoc
Quarterback Dawson len
Rd. relatives sts
Record player parts turntables
Rhea relative emu
Riddle enigma
Ritchie Valens hit of 1959 labamba
Sci-fi travel facilitators timewarps
Scottish tyke bairn
See 116-Down money
Seeded sowed
Server's goal ace
Shorten cut
Small battery type aaa
Some Sufi ascetics whirlingdervishes
Sooner than, in odes ere
Soul queen Franklin aretha
Spacek of 'The River' sissy
Speakers' platforms rostra
Steed feed oats
Suffix with 116-Across ist
Talk back to sass
Tax impost
Tax-filing pro cpa
Teases mercilessly ripson
Technique: Abbr sys
The Rams' gridiron gp nfc
They succeeded audiotapes compactdiscs
Tile design mosaic
Tofu source soy
Tyke tot
Wallops in the ring kos
Ward (off) stave
Was ahead led
Wee, like Abner lil
What 10 of this puzzle's answers do goaroundincircles
What's often decorated for Christmas firtree
With 128-Across, earn wages make
Wolf down eat
Writer Capote, to pals tru
You, in German sie
Zeta follower eta
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