How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Oct 14 2012

'-- believer!' IMA
'A Bushel -- Peck' ANDA
'Attack, Spot!' SICEM
'Bald' fliers EAGLES
'But -- art?' ISIT
'It must be him, -- shall die' ORI
'It's not over -- it's over!' TIL
'Jaws' writer Peter BENCHLEY
'Ramona the Pest' author Beverly CLEARY
'This Boy's Life' author Wolff TOBIAS
'TrŽs chic!' OOHLALA
-- Mahal TAJ
-- use (pointless) OFNO
1980s first family REAGANS
5K entrants RACERS
Actor Abe VIGODA
Adidas rival REEBOK
Adverse to, in the sticks AGIN
Airing at midnight, say ONLATE
Alternative to 36-Across ANACIN
Animated 'Explorer' DORA
Apt name for a cook? STU
Arctic vehicle with a sail ICEBOAT
Asimov and Mizrahi ISAACS
Baltimore pro ORIOLE
Barber's powder TALC
Barflies SOTS
Be the owner of HAVE
Bed on many a plate LETTUCELEAVES
Beginning OUTSET
Big name in pain relief ALEVE
Bill Clinton memoir MYLIFE
Bizet opera CARMEN
Blockheads DUNCES
Bloody Mary garnish CELERYSTALK
Brest 'Bye!' ADIEU
British play venue THEATRE
Burden LADE
Campus mil. org ROTC
Cave effect ECHO
Certain kind of sucrose BEETSUGAR
Certain Ukraine resident ODESSAN
Chou En- -- LAI
Clean up copy EDIT
Condo part UNIT
Daintily small PETITE
Degree STEP
Demeaned ABASED
Dish of peppery greens WATERCRESSSALAD
Dr. Watson player -- Bruce NIGEL
Drains the energy from SAPS
Duck-billed swimmers PLATYPI
Eatery check TAB
Edvard who wrote 'Peer Gynt' GRIEG
Eighth mo AUG
Enjoyed food ATE
Entertain at story time READTO
Exchanged TRADED
Eye up OGLE
Fiscal gain PROFIT
Fixed part of a motor STATOR
Flavor enhancer for short, MSG
Got an A+ on ACED
Group's declaration of concern WECARE
Haughty type SNOB
Heaved sounds SIGHS
Held on to KEPT
Hiker's flask CANTEEN
Horse food OATS
Horse's gait TROT
I, to Wilhelm ICH
It often has cream cheese icing CARROTCAKE
It's often served in a bread bowl SPINACHDIP
Key near CTRL ALT
Landed, as a fish REELEDIN
Leave weaponless UNARM
Like bouncy, fast music UPTEMPO
Like IV solutions SALINE
Locate on a radio dial TUNETO
London brew ALE
Long Island's ocean: Abbr ATL
Longtime draft org SSS
Lose tension SAG
Lugosi or Bart—k BELA
Maker of V8 juice, whose eight original ingredients are the theme of this puzzle CAMPBELLS
Mauna -- LOA
Mimieux of movies YVETTE
Mudbath site DAYSPA
Nero's 1,501 MDI
Not dormant ACTIVE
Ob (doc who delivers)- -- GYN
Offer a price for at auction BIDON
Old March birthstone JASPER
On -- with (much like) APAR
Online programs WEBAPPS
Part of CIA: Abbr AGCY
Pays (for) ATONES
Pet doc VET
Pitcher Young and others CYS
Poker payoff POT
Practical intelligence WITS
Princess of 'Star Wars' LEIA
Province-like subdivision of Russia OBLAST
Ralph with 'Raiders' NADER
Ray blockage no SPF
Refrain from taking further action SITPAT
Roads: Abbr STS
Rocky hills TORS
Sea lion, e.g SEAL
Seize forcibly USURP
Shot liquids SERA
Silvery-white element INDIUM
Singer Ray of the big band era EBERLE
So-so mark CEE
Soap-filled scrubber SOSPAD
Spelling of 'Beverly Hills 90210' TORI
Star TV chef EMERIL
Starchy, seasoned side PARSLEYPOTATOES
Sterile beast MULE
Suddenly focus SNAPTO
Suffix with Gotham ITE
Suitable FIT
Sun. lecture SER
Thrashed (about) FLAILED
Throw forcefully HURL
Trendy juice berry ACAI
Turn sour ROT
Two fivers TENNER
Two-color whale ORCA
When that time arrives BYTHEN
Wood of film NATALIE
Yemeni city ADEN
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