How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Nov 25 2018

'83 Keaton-Garr film mrmom
'Doggone!' drat
'Eat — eaten' (survival adage) orbe
'Everwood' actor Wolf scott
'Huh?' what
'Moby-Dick' captain ahab
'My heart skipped —' abeat
'Seinfeld' gal elaine
'Serpico' actor M. — Walsh emmet
'Stretch' car limo
'Waterloo' quartet abba
'— tell ya!' lemme
* Bay off Nigeria and Togo's coast bightofbenin
* Chum amigo
* Dr. Evil's cat in Austin Powers films mrbigglesworth
* Jumping up and down on a bouncy stick pogoing
* Old Greek squares agoras
* Pairs of consecutive letters bigrams
* Second U.S. first lady abigailadams
* She directed 'The Hurt Locker' kathrynbigelow
* Ship's load cargo
* Subject to interpretation ambiguous
* Suffer a lot agonize
* Too much self-esteem egomania
1801-05 veep Burr aaron
9-to-5er's cry of relief tgif
Air pollution smog
Arrived came
Artist's base studio
At a distance yonder
Baseball's Hershiser orel
Beatles song on 'Let It Be' imemine
Belly laugh yuk
Beloved of Tristan isolde
Birds building homes nesters
Breakdown of social norms anomie
Brit's 'Bye!' tata
Bullring cries oles
Buzzing home pest housefly
Buzzing musical toy kazoo
Canon camera eos
Century divs yrs
Comb buzzer bee
Compound with nitrogen amine
Coy demure
Dark modern film genre neonoir
Dental string floss
Dickens' — Heep uriah
Dog variety breed
Download on a Kindle ebook
Dress (up) tog
Driver's lic. issuer dmv
Durango dish tamale
Dutch brew amstel
Easy putts, informally gimmes
Election analyst Silver nate
FBI guys gmen
Female kin aunt
Fix a flat? tune
Flatware item spoon
Floor piece tile
Flow out pour
Flow out ebb
Former Swedish car saab
Gets mature ages
Ghana's former name goldcoast
Gillette razor brand atra
Give slack to loosen
Grand home estate
Health supplement store, familiarly gnc
Height: Abbr alt
Hosp. staff drs
In — (single-file) arow
Is in a huff stews
It uses 108 cards uno
Jump leap
Knight's glove gauntlet
Large 1940s computer eniac
Lead-in to historic pre
Lean tilt
Letter-shaped girder ibeam
Likely (to) apt
Linguist Chomsky noam
Long-term inmates lifers
Meadow lea
Mean beast ogre
Move as if on wheels trundle
Nash of comedy ogden
Native suffix ese
Native suffix ite
Nielsen of 'Mr. Magoo' leslie
Night, in Nice nuit
Observe behold
Observe note
Oklahoma tribe pawnee
Old Greek concert halls odea
Opposed to, in dialect agin
Orderly neat
Part to play role
Philosopher Immanuel kant
Pig hog
Pigs' home sty
Political plot cabal
Poppa dad
Poster pins tacks
Prefix with lethal non
Radner of comedy gilda
RandD center lab
Really succeed (or what literally appears six times in this puzzle) gooverbig
Reid and Lipinski taras
Rendezvous meetup
Revisions redos
Rove (about) gad
Run up — (defer payment) atab
Sea vessels boats
See 8-Down sir
Sermon text bible
Shahs, e.g iranis
Shoot (for) aim
Sicilian volcano etna
Singer Dylan bob
Son of Eliel Saarinen eero
Song for one solo
Song for three trio
Song for two duet
Sooner than, in poetry ere
Source of warmth on some trains and ships steamheat
Special FX technology cgi
Spying setup tap
Steak, e.g beef
Tattles snitches
Tax org irs
Theater box loge
Toddler, e.g child
Toon bear yogi
Totally spoil ruin
Ultimate degree nth
Umps' kin refs
Union enemy scab
Unit of resistance ohm
Weaving frames looms
Weep loudly sob
Wise men magi
With 71-Across, boot camp affirmative yes
Ye — Shoppe olde
— de plume nom
— dixit (assertion with no proof) ipse
— Lanka sri
— of Mexico gulf
— Sea (salt lake in Asia) aral
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