How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Nov 15 2009

'-- to please' IAIM
'59 Kingston Trio hit MTA
'Big Blue' IBM
'It --' ('Who's there?' response) ISI
'March Madness' games, informally NCAAS
'Transfer' and 'messenger' molecules RNAS
'What did -- deserve this?' IDOTO
'What was -- think?' ITO
-- -cone SNO
-- and outs INS
-- nutshell INA
1/60 min. SEC
100 cents DOLLAR
12 animals representing years CHINESEZODIAC
2008 Wimbledon winner Rafael NADAL
A major prophet ISAIAH
Actor Jack SOO
Algonquian language CREE
Ancient Mexican AZTEC
Announcer Hall of TV EDD
Application USE
Artist Jean ARP
Auto engine expert CARMECHANIC
Beethoven symphony EROICA
Befogged ATSEA
Bladderlike body sac CYST
Bring about CAUSE
Bubble -- GUM
Caddy drink TEA
Complete UTTER
Consent (to) AGREE
Cooks slowly in fat BRAISES
Cut to bits SHRED
Dad's bro UNC
Deep green EMERALD
Defunct GM brand GEO
Die down EBB
Dine EAT
Diner food HASH
Dye group AZO
Ear: Prefix OTO
El -- (ocean current) NINO
Elk's relative DEER
Ethically indifferent AMORAL
Eyeballs OGLES
Fall short FAIL
Father: Prefix PATR
Federal health agcy. CDC
Figure skater Brian ORSER
Film with a highly devoted group of select fans CULTCLASSIC
Fine-tempered Spanish swords TOLEDOS
Fragrances ODORS
Frankness CANDOR
Freight boat SCOW
Fu -- mustache MANCHU
German article EINE
Globe ORB
Gush out SPEW
Halves of diameters RADII
Honolulu's island OAHU
Hosp. units RMS
Hostile mutt CUR
How Rome wasn't built INADAY
In the past ONCE
Infant illness COLIC
Investment dot-com ETRADE
Invoice issuer BILLER
Jenny Craig customer DIETER
John of 'The Blues Brothers' BELUSHI
Kind of faulty reasoning CIRCULARLOGIC
Kind of pear BOSC
King, in Madrid REY
Knight's title SIR
Light splitter PRISM
Like messy mascara SMEARY
Like Yeats IRISH
Links hazard TRAP
Long way FARCRY
Lounge robe CAFTAN
Man-mouse middle ORA
Me, in Nice MOI
Millionth of a meter MICRON
More darling CUTER
Mrs. -- (prude) GRUNDY
Muslin, terry, or sateen COTTONFABRIC
Nashville genre COUNTRYMUSIC
Nations once closely allied with the Soviet Union COMMUNISTBLOC
Neglects to DOESNOT
Nullify CANCEL
Old horror star Chaney LON
Ooze (out) SEEP
Other, in Acapulco OTRA
Outing for firm employees COMPANYPICNIC
Ovid's 250 CCL
Pan partner POT
Partial refund REBATE
PeoplePC or AOL, e.g. ISP
Permit to LET
Phoenix loc. ARIZ
Pierce player Alan ALDA
Place for prophecies ORACLE
Prayer start OLORD
Present from birth INBORN
Prune a bit SNIP
Residents of a region in central Italy UMBRIANS
Result of putting a clove through a press CRUSHEDGARLIC
Rodeo ride BRONC
Rude dude CAD
Say again ECHO
School storage site LOCKER
See 3-Down HANDS
Sine's reciprocal, briefly COSEC
Skill ART
Sky-blue AZURE
Smooth, musically LEGATO
Some PC readouts LCDS
Spanish port BILBAO
Speed contest RACE
Sprinkler attachments HOSES
Squirrel food ACORN
Start of a bit of bad news IFEAR
Stockpile CACHE
Suffix with glob ULE
Surface- -- missile TOAIR
Tabby CAT
Tan color ECRU
Topeka's st. KAN
Toyota hybrids PRIUSES
U-turn from NNW SSE
Uncovered, as a pot LIDLESS
Units of wt. LBS
University professor LECTOR
Uppity sort SNOB
Uproar ADO
Watch dial FACE
Wear a grin SMILE
What there is in heaven, in a famous polka NOBEER
With 110-Down, they're said to be 'the devil's workshop' IDLE
Yale student ELI
Yr.-ending month DEC
Zipped SPED
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