How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate May 26 2013

'-- recall ...' ASI
'Beware the -- of March!' IDES
'Kill -- killed!' ORBE
'Mayday!' SOS
'Sid the Science Kid' network PBS
'Stop thinking of me as so naive' IWASNTBORNYESTERDAY
'Tonka' star Mineo SAL
'What's -- ya?' ITTO
'You -- see this!' GOTTA
-- -fi flick SCI
-- Martin (cognac) REMY
-- Picchu (Peruvian site of Incan ruins) MACHU
1960s reform movement in China CULTURALREVOLUTION
1983 Streisand film YENTL
Actor Max von -- SYDOW
Ad biz prize CLIO
Ad- -- LIB
Alexis I, e.g TSAR
Alternative OTHER
Always, poetically EER
American flier with scarlet patches REDWINGEDBLACKBIRD
Amply skilled ABLE
Announcer Hall EDD
Approach intrusively ACCOST
At that point THEN
Attach with heat, as a patch IRONON
Bails out, e.g AIDS
Bank claim LIEN
Bards' Muse ERATO
Be a ratfink TELL
Big Apple sch SUNY
Billy Joel hit PIANOMAN
Blast source TNT
Brag loudly CROW
British queen ANNE
Brother or aunt: Abbr REL
Butler or maid DOMESTICHELP
CBS drama CSI
Cease END
Certain skin bulge CYST
Chaplin's title SIR
Chevy model IMPALA
China's Mao -- -tung TSE
CNN anchor Burnett ERIN
Coke Zero alternative DIETPEPSI
Coll. hotshot BMOC
Collaborator ALLY
College Web site suffix EDU
Conduit PIPE
Convert to the Koran's religion ISLAMIZE
Correct copy EDIT
Cry like -- ABABY
Discreet call PSST
Dryly funny DROLL
Dying words from Caesar ETTU
Epithet for Alexander THEGREAT
Eve's man ADAM
Final non-A.D. year ONEBC
Fish also called a largemouth LAKEBASS
Fleur-de- -- LIS
Frantic scramble MADDASH
Fully ready ALLSET
Game venue ARENA
Get in return REAP
Headlined STARRED
Heart sections ATRIA
Hitchcock classic PSYCHO
Hold in check REIN
Holy rings HALOES
Honshu sash OBI
Hymn start OGOD
Inflicts upon DOESTO
Island near Venezuela ARUBA
Israeli arm UZI
It lures fish BAIT
Jackie's hubby #2 ARI
James with a Pulitzer AGEE
Korean, Thai or Chinese ASIATIC
Lamenter's sound MOAN
Land in water, in Italy ISOLA
Light blue avenue in Monopoly ORIENTAL
Lives (in) DWELLS
Loss of memory AMNESIA
March composer John Philip -- SOUSA
Moreover AND
Mosaic work INLAY
Motivate SPUR
Mouth liquid SALIVA
MPG monitor EPA
Neat -- pin ASA
Off-white ECRU
Offense SIN
Oklahoma oil city TULSA
Old United rival TWA
Oldies group -- Na Na SHA
Oven maker AMANA
Passes idly, as time KILLS
People who mimic APERS
Person in the third decade of life TWENTYSOMETHING
Person petting CARESSER
Pet parasites LICE
Planet Mork came from ORK
Poke fun at TEASE
Posed (for) SAT
Postal letters MAIL
Precipitating heavily POURINGDOWNRAIN
Process of going bad SPOILAGE
Property of a magnet POLARITY
Rare violin AMATI
Rocker Barrett SYD
Rundown RECAP
Secy., e.g ASST
Set- -- (sharp fights) TOS
Singer Hall DARYL
Six-pt. plays TDS
Slaughter of baseball ENOS
Small piece SCRAP
Small state ruled by a sovereign DUCHY
Solar output RAYS
Special time ERA
Spiteful CATTY
Suffix with social ITE
Suffix with towel ETTE
Sweat of one's -- BROW
Tabula -- RASA
Tangelo trademark UGLI
Tilts one's body toward LEANSINTO
Tracker maker, once GEO
Turn rancid ROT
Unconscious state COMA
Undercoat for painting on wood GESSO
Use, as a tool WIELD
West German city ESSEN
What the last words of 23-, 31-, 52-, 68-, 88- and 102-Across are BEATLESSONGS
When shows are broadcast AIRTIMES
Witch's blemish WART
With a sharp picture, for short INHD
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