How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate May 05 2019

'Amen to that!' ihearya
'Capeesh?' getit
'Dream on!' nosirree
'Good grief!' sheesh
'How precious!' aww
'John Q.' actress Anne heche
'Not so fast!' easy
'Not so fast!' whoa
'Who is —?' this
1991 Wimbledon champion Michael stich
Abbr. on an invitation rsvp
Actress Wasikowska mia
Alert ontheball
Assistant on an iPhone siri
At a distance afar
Auto gear drive
Auto types sedans
Auto-cleaning services carwashes
Basic items on a canal boat? bargeessentials
Bewildered addled
Big name in watches seiko
Blank-faced, as a comic deadpan
Boat landing pier
Brother, in French frere
Bush fruit berry
Canyon call echo
Certain URL ending org
Chapel part apse
Club swingers' gp pga
Cobble together rigup
Comic Martha raye
Côte d'— (nation in Afrique) ivoire
Cubs hero Sammy sosa
Day, to Diego dia
District area
Drug banned by MLB andro
Dundee denial nae
Electrical units amperes
Emmy-winning Ed asner
European city famous for post-drinking headaches? hangovergermany
Fateful March day ides
Fictional Scarlett ohara
Fill to excess sate
Flowing hair mane
Gentle touch pat
Glowing molten rock? redhotmagma
Goalie glove mitt
Gorbachev's wife raisa
GPS graphic map
Granola grain oat
Gridlock impasse
Grown boys men
Gull relative tern
Gun rights gp nra
Gung-ho eager
Gung-ho agog
Has it wrong errs
Hasty glance apercu
Have life are
Hip dwellings pads
In a funk sad
In history ago
In — (as placed) situ
Insult in print libel
Intense anger ire
It may record a fender bender dashcam
Judges to be deems
Lacerate rip
Large-scale swindle? grandfinagle
Like acids sour
Like dirty chimneys sooty
Lopsided wry
Loses all one's moolah goesbroke
Lunged toward ranat
Mac bud
Made fit, as a suit altered
Magnate tycoon
Make holy bless
Makes the decision opts
Match parts sets
Muffler, e.g scarf
Neighbor of Andorra spain
Niche religion sect
Nonclerical lay
Nutrition fig rda
Old Pan Am rival twa
One hocking something pawner
Participated in a PAC lobbied
Party hearty revel
Perturb upset
Placards that say 'I'm only human'? mortalsigns
Place to grow grapes vineyard
Poem form ode
Pond critter newt
Pot-au- — (French stew) feu
Prefix with puncture acu
Press-on nails? fingerpoints
Promises pledges
Radiant aglow
Radius site arm
Reciprocal of nano- giga
Reebok rival adidas
Refute deny
Rough- — (unfinished) hewn
Salvers trays
Schoolyard retort iamso
Schoolyard retort istoo
Service song hymn
Settles up pays
Singer Des'— ree
Smug sort prig
Snobbish behavior elitism
Software package suite
Spanning structure bought from a catalog? mailorderbridge
Suffix with hepta- gon
Susceptible to being misplaced losable
Tale story
Tallies (up) adds
Teen turmoil angst
Terrier type, for short yorkie
Title river in a Jolson hit swanee
Tongs may be placed in it saladbowl
Tony winner Kazan elia
Topic issue
Totes, e.g bags
Tutu, e.g skirt
TV program about kings and queens? regalityshow
Two or three afew
U.S. nav. officer ens
Use a couch sit
Very light airy
Viral illness flu
Visual acuity determiner eyetest
Weekly time to play some British football? rugbytuesday
Wetland bird egret
When some early risers go to bed atten
Wii user, e.g gamer
Winemaking phase aging
Wintry glaze sleet
Works for seven septets
Writer Buchanan edna
Wry grimace moue
YOLO part only
— Hawkins Day sadie
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