How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate May 02 2010

'-- be my pleasure!' ITD
'-- just a number' AGEIS
'-- me be!' LET
'Candide' novelist VOLTAIRE
'Come in' ENTER
'Cypher' co-star Lucy LIU
'Holy moly!' GEE
'Little Women' girl BETH
'Science Guy' Bill NYE
'So cute!' AWW
'The jig --!' ISUP
'Walk Like --' AMAN
'You -- right!' ARESO
-- Antiqua ARS
-- avis (oddity) RARA
-- center REC
16th-century Spanish explorer CORONADO
50 Cent's music RAP
Actor Nick NOLTE
Adams of 'The Oscar' EDIE
Add- -- (annexes) ONS
Agenda item TOPIC
Airline of Israel ELAL
Alternative route only for a certain car make? SUBARUBYPASS
Arafat of the PLO YASIR
Arboreal early Mexicans? TREETOPAZTECS
Associate of Marx ENGELS
Atop, to a sonneteer OER
Auto rental option GPS
Batik worker DYER
Bawl out YELLAT
Be in hiding LIELOW
Betty -- BOOP
Bird: Prefix AVI
Boatloads ATON
Bonn article DER
Book of biblical songs PSALTER
Burlap fiber JUTE
Butter alternative OLEO
Cable station with shows about a sour liquid? VINEGARNETWORK
Cease to be DIE
Certain four-year period OLYMPIAD
Chicago-to-D.C. dir. ESE
Citrus trees LIMES
Clog clearer DRANO
Colorful VIVID
Concept, in Paris IDEE
De-creaser IRONER
Demolish RAZE
Diving duck EIDER
Do moguls SKI
Drink like a dog LAPUP
Earn a point SCORE
Erwin or Ungar STU
Fake percussion instrument? PHONYXYLOPHONE
Famous gymnast, after marrying a former vice president? NADIAMONDALE
Film about a mean shark JAWS
Film ad, e.g. PROMO
First, third, or reverse GEAR
Fix a shoe's bottom RESOLE
Flower girl Doolittle ELIZA
Force units NEWTONS
Funny Martha RAYE
Genetic cell stuff RNA
Greek letter OMEGA
Gumbo ingredients OKRAS
Guy in a big fish's belly JONAH
Harshly bright GLARING
Heath MOOR
Homer Simpson's exclamation DOH
Honest -- ABE
Impatient ANTSY
Indian of Canada CREE
Island east of Corsica ELBA
Japanese fighter's weapon? NINJADEVICE
Jeans brand LEE
Juan's 'this' ESTO
Last inning, usually NINTH
Lemon pie topping MERINGUE
Like mayonnaise CREAMY
Like some steroids ANABOLIC
Links (to) TIES
Livy's 'Lo!' ECCE
Love god AMOR
Luau skirts SARONGS
Lumber tool ADZE
Maintain a static state of readiness MARKTIME
Mao -- -tung TSE
Memo tablet NOTEPAD
Mexican miss SENORITA
Milk pitcher? ELSIE
Monkey's cousin LEMUR
More brittle CRISPIER
Nero's 140 CXL
Oom- -- PAH
Pea container POD
Pip's spurner ESTELLA
Pisces, e.g. SIGN
Play a part ACT
Plotting Mayflower Pilgrim? SCHEMERALDEN
Poetic foot DACTYL
Prepare oneself GETSET
Psychic Geller URI
R-W link STUV
Rating for 'South Park' and 'The Sopranos' TVMA
Red ledger entry DEBIT
Remain undecided PEND
Remove the frost from DEICE
Rick's love in a 1942 film ILSA
Riga native LETT
Rough (unrefined)- -- HEWN
San --, Italy REMO
Satirist's tool IRONY
Seed-to-be OVULE
Seedy bread RYE
Shell-shock STUN
Singer Yoko ONO
Sit-ups work them ABS
Skater Yamaguchi KRISTI
Slugging stat RBI
Snooze, say REST
Snowmen's noses often, CARROTS
Spread out WIDEN
Stereo parts AMPS
Take back, as words UNSAY
Telly TUBE
Texas shrine ALAMO
Things found in this puzzle's eight longest answers PRECIOUSGEMS
Too much of a good thing OVERKILL
Turkey's highest peak ARARAT
Twisty letters ESSES
Used a garden tool HOED
Very heavy OBESE
Vet or ENT DOC
Wild emotion about playwright David? MAMETHYSTERIA
Without, to Henri SANS
Yes vote AYE
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