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Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Mar 31 2019

'Ad — per aspera' astra
'Baloney!' pshaw
'Chicago P.D.' or 'Law and Order' copshow
'Enter' comein
'Hail, Cato!' ave
'Help!' co-star Ringo starr
'I' problems egos
'Jeepers!' ohmy
'Walker, Texas Ranger' star chucknorris
Abbr. at the top of a 111-Down attn
Actress Falco edie
Actress Jane fonda
Actress O'Connor or Merkel una
Army squads units
Arnaz of 1950s TV desi
Baseball's — Nomo hideo
Belgrade's land serbia
Benefactor donor
Big bother ado
Birds flap them wings
Body that voted for the trial resulting in Charles I's execution rumpparliament
Bow of film clara
Bracelet part clasp
Buddy pal
Bullfight cry ole
Change in the side of a military formation flankmovement
Chemical 'I' iodine
Colonist, e.g settler
Colorful card game uno
Comic Caesar sid
Consents to accepts
Court throw pass
Covers with blacktop paves
Crawl (with) teem
Creative flashes ideas
Dessert items on sticks cakepops
Dialogue bit line
Distributing dealing
Dress up array
Dry as — abone
Editorial page feature masthead
Email status sent
Encountered faced
ENT part throat
Ernie's buddy bert
Euphoric onahigh
Excited, with 'up' het
Fanning of 'Maleficent' elle
Fatty adipose
Female bleater ewe
Film director Roth eli
Film-rating gp mpaa
Founded, on city signs estab
Gates of philanthropy melinda
Get for less saveon
Get tangled knot
Gnat's kin midge
Good odor aroma
Grand — (race event) prix
Have a slant lean
Hearty dish stew
High mil. rank gen
Home to Hanoi, briefly nam
Indigenes natives
Kachina doll carvers hopis
Kagan of justice elena
Karate instructor sensei
Language of India hindi
Last letters zees
Liaison affair
Licoricelike seeds anises
Like many short plays oneact
Limerick writer Nash ogden
Long Spanish river ebro
Louise's film partner thelma
Lustrous fabric silk
Mall stall kiosk
Mazda roadster miata
Missouri-to-Iowa direction north
Mortgage claim lien
Most snooping nosiest
NFL officials refs
Noon, e.g time
Not docked asea
Not nearby afar
Noted period era
Oahu porch lanai
Office note memo
Old ad question that's apt for this puzzle's theme wheresthebeef
Ordinance statute
Own possess
Paid to get a hand anted
Past artifact relic
People using lassos ropers
Perfect site eden
Peruvians of old incas
Popular typeface arial
Portable bed futon
Pot-au- — (French dish) feu
Premonition omen
Present label tag
Prior to, to bards ere
Quaint hotels inns
Quick bite nosh
Rain forest, for one biome
Really funny ribtickling
Resting atop upon
Retained kept
Russia and Turkey's place eurasia
Safeguards shields
See 57-Across into
Service costs fees
Sign gas neon
Single bullet, say roundofammunition
Sink part basin
Spinks of boxing leon
Steal the scene from upstage
Steenburgen of 'Ink' mary
Strike heavily and loudly whang
Suffix with 93-Down ern
Suffix with Wyoming ite
Sunset's direction, in French ouest
Talk up promote
Tokyo sash obi
Toothpaste tube inits ada
Tubular pasta ziti
TV's 'Warrior Princess' xena
Twilight shankoftheevening
Uncouth rude
Unpaid debts arrears
Used oars rowed
Vatican City surrounder rome
Vision test eyeexamination
Wine vat sediment lees
Wipes away erases
With 77-Across, has a connection with ties
Wood splitter axe
Year, in Rio de Janeiro ano
— and cry hue
— diavolo (pasta sauce) fra
— facto ipso
— Sea (shrinking Asian lake) aral
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