How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Mar 23 2008

'-- you nuts?' ARE
'A Raisin in the Sun co-star' RUBYDEE
'Heavens!' OHMY
'The Seven Year Itch co-star Tom' EWELL
-- de la Cite ILE
-- dish (lab item) PETRI
-- Solo of 'Star Wars' HAN
-- the Hutt of 'Star Wars' JABBA
Aachen article EINE
Abdul or Zahn PAULA
Actor Diggs TAYE
Agra locale INDIA
Amateur radioman HAMOPERATOR
Beef cut BRISKET
Besiege ASSAIL
Bird: Pref. AVI
Bit of tea SPOT
Brand of fat replacer OLEAN
Bray syllable HEE
Camera eye LENS
Certain wicker craft BASKETWEAVING
Charge for a service FEE
College digs DORM
Computer b-board runner SYSOP
Condo, e.g. UNIT
Court clown JESTER
Cpl. or sgt. NCO
Daytime TV fare SOAPS
Different: Prefix HETERO
Drive away REPEL
Dunked cookies OREOS
East -- (Asian country) TIMOR
Exist LIVE
Express one's views OPINE
Fa-ti linkup SOLA
FDR's mom SARA
First painting class perhaps, ARTI
Flynn of 'Captain Blood' ERROL
Frat letter RHO
French for 'black' NOIR
French money EUROS
Fury IRE
Gentle hill for novice skiers BUNNYSLOPE
German 'Mr.' HERR
German 'Mrs.' FRAU
Hailed vehicle CAB
Hairy twin in Genesis ESAU
Haul LUG
Hint of color TINT
Hispanics LATINOS
Humiliation after having blundered EGGONONESFACE
Ignites anew RELIGHTS
In -- event ANY
Intelligence BRAINS
Item of china PLATE
Jab target JAW
Japanese wrestling SUMO
Kettle POT
Kleenex product TISSUE
Language of 22-Across HINDI
Large fishhook GAFF
Legitimately TRULY
Liver, e.g. ORGAN
Locale AREA
Low- -- (like the Atkins diet) CARB
Major meal FEAST
Man's address SIR
Meadow LEA
Met male TENOR
Michael Caine film ALFIE
Mil. jet locale AFB
Milan's La -- opera house SCALA
Mom's mate DAD
More mad SORER
Motorist's one-eighty UEY
Nap noisily SNORE
NBA center Ming YAO
Novelist Patrick OBRIAN
One adapting music ARRANGER
One of TV's Bunkers ARCHIE
Ostrich kin RHEA
Ostrich kin EMU
Pacific Ocean current ELNINO
Pants securer BELT
Path followed by some marchers PARADEROUTE
Physicist's work unit ERG
Pickle holder JAR
Picnic pest ANT
Pieces for nine NONETS
Piercing tool AWL
Pitifully inept type NEBBISH
Pittsburgh-Buffalo dir. NNE
Prefix with surgeon NEURO
Prior to ERE
Put forth POSIT
Put forward ASSERT
Puzzle solvers' cries AHAS
Reads optically SCANS
Rice field PADDY
Selfish motorist ROADHOG
Singer Yoko ONO
Skinny THIN
Smelling -- SALTS
Solo by a 112-Down ARIA
Sound rebound ECHO
Sphere ORB
Spiced jelly ASPIC
Spider trap WEB
Start of an expiration date notice USEBY
Steeps, as tea leaves INFUSES
Sticky stuff TAPE
Stopping by to see someone ONAVISIT
Suffix with mock ERY
Suffix with north ERN
Surrender by deed, in law REMISE
Swear AVOW
Sweetie SUGAR
Swelled heads EGOS
The same, in Somme EGAL
Tranquil RESTFUL
Turkey's capital ANKARA
Turn aside SHUNT
Unser and Gore ALS
Upper hand ADVANTAGE
Upright, e.g. PIANO
USN bigwig ADM
Utter with contempt SPITOUT
Villainous look SNEER
Wage -- of words AWAR
War god ARES
Way-off FAR
Weather -- VANE
Weekly extra in a newspaper SUNDAYMAGAZINE
Wine bucket ICER
Word that can precede the starts of this puzzle's nine longest answers EASTER
Yvonne DeCarlo sitcom role LILYMUNSTER
Zag's counterpart ZIG
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