How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jun 26 2016

'-- didn't!' (denier's cry) NOI
'Alice' waitress FLO
'Baloney!' PSHAW
'Falstaff' composer VERDI
'Fine, as far as I'm concerned' OKAYBYME
'How -- Your Mother' IMET
'Jingle Bells' vehicle SLEIGH
'Life of Pi' director Lee ANG
'Pee- -- Big Holiday' (2016 film) WEES
'So that's the trick!' OHO
'We have approval' ITSAGO
-- -Magnon man CRO
-- -mo SLO
-- rod (biblical staff) AARONS
Abbr. on a brandy label VSO
Acne, slangily ZITS
Actor Foxx REDD
After-school youth program, perhaps GIRLSCLUB
Aleve target PAIN
Altar answer IDO
Arm muscle, informally BICEP
As far as UPTO
Be too sweet CLOY
Bearded antelope GNU
Bed board SLAT
Big name in mowers TORO
Big online music store ITUNES
Bladed tool HOE
Blasting stuff TNT
Blog entries POSTS
Boar or sow PIG
Car rods AXLES
Careful and delicate, as treatment KIDGLOVE
Cariou of Broadway LEN
Cave hanger BAT
Checkpoint demands IDS
Chews (on) CHOMPS
Choose PICK
Corrode EAT
Country singer Hill soaked up the sun? FAITHBASKED
Country singer Judd NAOMI
Crash-probing agcy NTSB
Crooked ASKEW
Curriculum segment UNIT
Daytime drama, e.g SERIAL
Devoid of joy SAD
Devout HOLY
Does a pressing job IRONS
Dog's cry ARF
Doting affection, briefly TLC
Encircle with a band GIRD
Entr'-- ACTE
Everyone, to Hans ALLE
Figure skater Eldredge TODD
Fine apparel ATTIRE
Fly smoothly GLIDE
Furious state IRE
God of music APOLLO
Golf Hall of Famer Isao -- AOKI
Gossipy sort YENTA
Got better IMPROVED
Happify ELATE
Harbor ill will toward RESENT
Helps pull off a crime ABETS
High degree NTH
Hit the gas GUNIT
Hoosiers stuffing suitcases? INDIANAPACKERS
Horn's honk BEEP
Hot spots in spas SAUNAS
Intended AIMED
Intricate KNOTTY
Invoices BILLS
iPad, e.g TABLET
Italian automaker FIAT
IV hookup DRIP
Japanese automaker SUZUKI
Joule division ERG
Juan's shawl SERAPE
Judges' gp ABA
Keats' '-- a Nightingale' ODETO
Krishna, e.g AVATAR
Lamb-in-pita sandwich GYRO
Landed (on) ALIT
Legal injury TORT
Little 'uns TYKES
Loaf coated with glaze? SLICKEDBREAD
Monastery title FRIAR
Muslim ascetic's caution? FAKIRWARNING
Muslim holy city MECCA
Myriad eras EON
New Zealand aborigine MAORI
Northern French port CALAIS
Not clean DIRTY
Of weather conditions CLIMATIC
Off land ASEA
Off. aide ASST
Offered views OPINED
One-on-one pupil TUTEE
Outer: Prefix ECTO
Pal, in Paris AMI
Passion FIRE
Pat down FRISK
Peach part PIT
Pool headwear SWIMCAP
Primate buying things? SPENDINGMONKEY
Pro-learning org NEA
Pro-learning org PTA
Put in office ELECT
Put out EMIT
Really praise EXTOL
Region AREA
Require (of) ASK
Rule, briefly REG
Say to be so AVER
Set -- (choose the wedding day) ADATE
Ship spars MASTS
Shower item SOAP
Signify DENOTE
Sitcom teacher who lives next to a stream? RIVERKOTTER
Skillful ABLE
Sleep lab concern APNEA
Sleep lab concern REM
Some Greek letters NUS
Squirrel away STASH
Suffix with no-good NIK
Tax Day mo APR
Thick board to be used only in an emergency? CONTINGENCYPLANK
Tiny thing with a charge ION
Top pilots ACES
Tripled trio NONET
Turner and Fey TINAS
Veiled HID
Very stripped-down rendition? STARKPERFORMANCE
Vine-covered, as a wall IVIED
Vintage Olds REO
Wailuku site MAUI
Way back AGESAGO
What a curmudgeon has? LIMITEDLIKABILITY
Wheat bristles AWNS
Window or door part SILL
Writer -- Boothe Luce CLARE
Wu's 'way' TAO
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