How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jun 26 2005

'-- Abner' LIL
'-- care!' ('So what!') ASIFI
'-- hardly wait!' ICAN
'-- La Douce' IRMA
'60s hairdo AFRO
'I' problem EGO
'Lord of the Rings menace' ORC
'Mayday!' HELP
'Que -- ('What's up?')?' PASA
'Spartacus' or 'Ben-Hur,' e.g. EPICDRAMA
'The -- Identity' (Matt Damon film) BOURNE
'Wait just a --!' SEC
'You're -- talk!' ONETO
-- Cruces, NM LAS
-- Fitness (magazine) MENS
-- Nostra COSA
-- nous (confidentially) ENTRE
-- v. Wade ROE
-- Zedong MAO
--picker (quibbler) NIT
A Beatle bride ONO
Account amt. BAL
Actress Helena -- Carter BONHAM
Actress Massey ILONA
Address book abbr. TEL
Air rifle ammo BBS
Antonym: Abbr. OPP
Appears to be SEEMS
Atlas feature showing elevation RELIEFMAP
Bakery treat PASTRY
Beatles hit LOVEMEDO
Branch manager? TREE
Bristol beer ALE
Children's author Hoff SYD
Coliseum ARENA
Come clean, with 'up' FESS
Company symbols LOGOS
Containers for quill pens INKPOTS
Cries hard BAWLS
Dads who work as bricklayers? FATHERSANDMASONS
Devious SNEAKY
Ditches around castles MOATS
Doctrines ISMS
Don duds DRESS
Dough CASH
Dreamy sleep (Abbr.) REM
Eats away ERODES
Eggs OVA
Exit secretly STEALAWAY
Fight arbiter REF
Fill to excess SATE
Final, e.g. TEST
First one out in an auto race POLECAR
Folder flap TAB
Fraternity letters TAUS
Free TV ad, briefly PSA
Full-grown MATURE
Go astray ERR
Golf score PAR
Golfer's shout FORE
Grab hold of GLOMONTO
Grouchy Muppet OSCAR
Harvest REAP
Hatfield feuder MCCOY
High-arcing hit LOB
Illness endemic to Madrid? MALADYOFSPAIN
Island skirts SARONGS
It's negatively charged ANION
Klutz OAF
Knew in advance FORESAW
Knighted Canadian physician OSLER
League divisions WESTS
Lexicon topic USAGE
Like chicken and eggs FRYABLE
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Listen to 'Chances Are' and 'It's Not For Me to Say?' GETALOADOFMATHIS
Marina del -- REY
Me, myself, -- ANDI
Meditate MUSE
Mets' and Cubs' gp. MLB
Mil. officer SGT
More urgent DIRER
Munster boy EDDIE
Nero's 58 LVIII
Neutron's place ATOM
Note after fa SOL
Novelist Josephine TEY
Nutty candy PRALINE
Operate excessively OVERUSE
Oration location DAIS
Pentagram STAR
Per unit APOP
Pig-roasting place BBQPIT
Portland's st. OREG
Punishment for a big, powerful dog? MASTIFFPENALTY
Putter Palmer ARNIE
Radio bands AMFM
Recede EBB
Recolors DYES
Refusals NOS
Refuse at sea FLOTSAM
Regions AREAS
Remorseful soul RUER
Repercussions of feigning illness? MALINGERINGEFFECTS
Research rooms LABS
Rigid FIRM
Rigid and expressionless STONYFACED
Rogers and Orbison ROYS
Saharan DRY
Sans -- (printing font) SERIF
School reunion attendees ALUMS
Scottish county or port BANFF
Seafood restaurant chain REDLOBSTER
See 80-Down BEAT
Serving both sexes COED
She's a sheep EWE
Short method? SYS
Sound rebound ECHO
Spy novelist Alistair wields a broom? MACLEANSWEEPS
Surgery sites, briefly ORS
Teachers' gp. NEA
Tenor Enrico CARUSO
The 'E' of Q.E.D. ERAT
The Edsels' '-- Lama Ding Dong' RAMA
Tiny bit TAD
To the -- degree NTH
Transgress SIN
Truck drivers TEAMSTERS
TV executive Arledge ROONE
Vardalos or Peeples NIA
Verdugo of movies ELENA
Waste-watching org. EPA
Wasteland MOOR
Weaker, as an excuse LAMER
Went after quarry PREYED
Wipe away ERASE
With 120-Down alternative to 'YM' , or 'Sassy' TEEN
Woman in charge of water power? HYDROELECTRICMADAM
Woman who's famous for designing team symbols? QUEENOFMASCOTS
Wriggly fish EEL
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