How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jun 10 2007

'-- far far better thing I do ...': Dickens ITISA
'Not that!' OHNO
'O Sole --' MIO
'Sadly ...' ALAS
'The Ghost and Mrs. --' MUIR
'Well, how obvious!' DUH
-- -TASS (news agency) ITAR
-- and aahs OOHS
3, on some clocks III
35mm camera type SLR
Abigail Van --, a.k.a. 'Dear Abby' BUREN
Actor Armand ASSANTE
Anaïs Nin, for one DIARIST
Ardennes article LES
Atlas datum AREA
Audiophiles' purchases STEREOS
Barrage PELT
Beef cuts RUMPS
Belgian balladeer Jacques BREL
Bit of data FACT
Brother on 'Frasier' NILES
Brunch fare OMELET
Canyon call ECHO
Citrus cooler ADE
Cleaned a bit, with 'up' TIDIED
Compounds made from coal tar PHENOLS
Condemn DECRY
Cottage cheese bit CURD
Crony PAL
Dallas denizen TEXAN
Dangles HANGS
Emit a strong, bright beam LASE
Emulator WANNABE
End of the riddle's answer SUPERSTITCHIN
Erected BUILT
European border river ODER
Exam takers TESTEES
Extremists ULTRAS
Favorable place for a spectator BOXSEAT
Fifty-fifty EVEN
Film critic Kael PAULINE
Flyspeck MOTE
Football's 'Broadway Joe' NAMATH
Former Montreal team EXPOS
Fruit source TREE
Gargantuan HUGE
Gershwin or Glass IRA
Girl in 'Dick Tracy' TESS
Go rollerblading SKATE
Graduate, for short ALUM
Gun-toting ARMED
Hawke of Hollywood ETHAN
Housecoat ROBE
Iron on, e.g. ATTACH
Is apt FITS
Jet grounded in 2003 SST
Key related to C major AMINOR
Laced into HADAT
Legend-laden loch NESS
Long groove RUT
Longtime fitness guru Jack LALANNE
Lou of R&B RAWLS
Mail again, as a package RESHIP
Mary's pet LAMB
Mink's kin ERMINE
More succinct TERSER
More vile BASER
Nine-digit ID SSN
Nobelist Pavlov IVAN
Of the sun SOLAR
Of the Vatican PAPAL
Old Chrysler model LEBARON
Old salt SEADOG
Oman's land ARABIA
One of the Musketeers ATHOS
Painter Max ERNST
Pen-shaped instruments STYLI
Pep pills UPPERS
Peter Pan creator J.M. BARRIE
Piano practice piece ETUDE
Plant with fronds FERN
Polynesian skirt SARONG
Pop singer Cyndi LAUPER
Pope after Clement XIV PIUSVI
Preliminary drafts SCHEMATA
Primitive calculator ABACUS
Q.E.D. part ERAT
Ready to go SET
Really economize STINT
Robberies HEISTS
Robert Blake cop show BARETTA
Sacred image ICON
Sad poem ELEGY
Sandusky's lake ERIE
Secret get-togethers TRYSTS
See 93-Across DASH
Semi engine DIESEL
Senator Barack OBAMA
Shacks HUTS
Short opera solo ARIETTA
Skewer SPIT
Smartens (up) WISES
Speller's clarifying words ASIN
Star chef on the Food Network EMERIL
Start of a riddle WHYDOESTHEMAN
Start of the riddle's answer HEDOESNTBELIEVEIN
Start up, as a PC BOOT
Sub-detecting systems SONARS
Sugar source CANE
Surgical knives LANCETS
Table leftover ORT
Tar's mop SWAB
Telephoned CALLEDUP
Tennessee team, briefly VOLS
Tizzy SNIT
Tokyo sash OBI
Totally attuned to ONEWITH
Town in southern Texas ELCAMPO
Unearth EXHUME
Unnaturally deep sleep SOPOR
Vocalist Vaughan SARAH
Web page standard HTML
With 96-Across, food seasoning brand MRS
With ice cream ALAMODE
Word sung twice after 'que' SERA
Writer Sholem ASCH
Young fellow LAD
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