How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jun 09 2013

'-- tell ya!' LEMME
'Annabel --' LEE
'Danke --' SCHON
'King Ralph' actor Peter OTOOLE
'Mammal' has three EMS
'Thank you, Henri' MERCI
'We -- not amused' ARE
12-inch stick RULER
1972-77 Broadway musical PIPPIN
1980s TV's 'Kate & --' ALLIE
32nd pres FDR
34th Prez IKE
Actor Moranis playing a garbage sweeper? RICKOFTHELITTER
Actress De Carlo YVONNE
Actress Wiest DIANNE
Alternatives to Pepsis COKES
Angriness IRE
Anterior FRONT
Art style GENRE
Astron. distance LTYR
Athena's bird OWL
Avonlea girl ANNE
Bank acct. underwriter FDIC
Belt holder LOOP
Blast maker TNT
Blowtorch the exterior of your launch vehicle? BURNAHOLEINONESROCKET
Bygone AT&T rival MCI
Cake icer FROSTER
Cell terminal ANODE
Christmas songs NOELS
Cock- -- (mixed dog breed) APOO
Collect AMASS
Comical Cheri OTERI
Commercial in which all of one's fury is unleashed? FULLRAGEAD
Conductor Zubin -- MEHTA
Corporate marriages MERGERS
Countryish RURAL
Current unit AMPERE
Cut short END
Cut short ABORT
Disguised, for short INCOG
Dramatist Clifford ODETS
Dwelling: Abbr RES
Egg layers HENS
Explanation REASON
Faced MET
Farmer's motto? NORAINNOGAIN
Fencing blades EPEES
Fido's sound ARF
First-aid plant ALOE
Flower calyx part SEPAL
Fourth mo APR
Get bested by LOSETO
Get drunk TIEONEON
Get the shoe mender on the phone? REACHCOBBLER
Give away temporarily LEND
Golf gadget TEE
Harp on gloatingly RUBIN
Hide -- hair NOR
Hissing snake sound SSS
Home of Monte Carlo MONACO
Hoppy drink ALE
Ice-skating food fish? RINKSALMON
In spite of the fact that, for short THO
It's nothing NIL
Just a -- (somewhat) TAD
King Arthur's home CAMELOT
Like a slob's bed UNMADE
Like skim milk NOFAT
Like the vbs. 'eat and 'lie'' IRR
Little pouch SAC
Longtime con LIFER
Lucy's TV pal ETHEL
Maize CORN
Marine eel MORAY
Mexican menu items TAMALES
Model-making set KIT
More elusive EELIER
Mozart's 'Così fan --' TUTTE
Mythical hell HADES
Not switched off LEFTON
Noted coach Parseghian ARA
Ocular cleansing receptacle EYECUP
Off -- (sporadically) ANDON
Omega preceder PSI
One way to mark debits INRED
Opra part ACTE
Park oneself SIT
Part of NYPD: Abbr DEPT
Passover crackers MATZOS
Pay the penalty ATONE
Pencil end POINT
Pertaining to the sun SOLAR
Phileas Fogg creator Jules VERNE
Place where pizza dough is flattened? ROLLINGSTATION
Poetic foot IAMB
Pool hall champion? LEADEROFTHERACK
PR concern IMAGE
Pre-race stretch, say WARMUP
Prehistoric beast, briefly DINO
Prenatal FETAL
Problems for vain types EGOS
Quaint oath EGADS
Queued up INLINE
Resort isle near Naples CAPRI
Riga native LATVIAN
Ripken of the diamond CAL
Risen from sleep AWOKEN
Sam once in the Senate NUNN
Seemingly endless time EON
Shin's place LEG
Slo- -- (fuse type) BLO
Slump SAG
Small flycatcher PEWEE
Small toiletry case ETUI
Spanish for 'queen' REINA
Split evenly INTWO
Sports squad that rarely has home games ROADTEAM
Squid dish CALAMARI
Still wrapped NEW
Suffix with neat or peace NIK
Tapioca-yielding tree CASSAVA
Tennyson's '-- Arden' ENOCH
Tide targets STAINS
Tightly wound TENSE
Tiny dog TOY
Tirades about the trials of being a mother? MATERNITYRANTS
Trees yielding wood for ships TEAKS
TV network north of the USA CBC
Ty-D- -- (bathroom brand) BOL
Uninspired TRITE
Vehicle ownership certificate CARTITLE
Vivarin rival NODOZ
Wax theatrical EMOTE
Wind section player OBOIST
Yukon maker GMC
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