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'-- all over!' ITS
'-- Baby' (#1 U2 album of 1991) ACHTUNG
'-- Blu Dipinto di Blu' (1958 hit) NEL
'-- see it ...' ASI
'Ender's Game' star Butterfield ASA
'Get Happy' songwriter ARLEN
'Help!' SOS
'I -- Male War Bride' WASA
'McQ' actor Gulager CLU
'No --!' ('Uh-uh!') SIRREE
'Now I see!' AHA
'Rabbit, Run' novelist John UPDIKE
'Think of -- a loan' ITAS
-- Jong-un KIM
-- Mae (loan provider) NELLIE
100-yr. period CEN
Abbr. for a handy-andy DIY
Aden citizens YEMENIS
Afghan-wrapped football? PIGSKININABLANKET
Alex of 'The Godfather' ROCCO
Alicia of ballet ALONSO
Alien craft UFO
Architect Jones INIGO
Arrive like the tide ROLLIN
Asian dress SARI
B-to-F string CDE
Beijing-to-Shanghai dir SSE
Big name in shortening CRISCO
Cal. dozen MOS
Capitalize on USE
Catch cold NAB
Chart showing the highs and lows of actress Ellen's career? BARKINGRAPH
Clean a jack-o'-lantern with a Hoover? VACUUMPUMPKIN
Crustacean such as a wood louse ISOPOD
Currency unit of Laos KIP
Cuts, as pie SLICESINTO
Departure EGRESS
Disinterest APATHY
Down food EAT
Dreamcast producer SEGA
Dry, white Italian wine SOAVE
Dutch airline KLM
Extended cloth used for messy cold-weather meals? LONGWINTERSNAPKIN
Far-off distance REMOTENESS
Features of cloudless days SUNNYSKIES
Figured out the value of ASSESSED
Fir's cousin PINE
First Constitution section ARTICLEI
Flower organ STAMEN
Foot lever TREADLE
French edict site of 1598 NANTES
Galileo's gp NASA
Get as clear profit NET
Gets firm SETS
Glistening AGLEAM
Gp. for Qatar OPEC
Grab quickly SNAPUP
Graham or Lorne GREENE
Grow wealthy GETRICH
Guthrie at Woodstock ARLO
Hair hider HAT
Hall-of-Fame footballer Mel BLOUNT
Heap (up) PILE
Highland terrier, briefly SCOTTIE
History unit EON
History unit ERA
Home to edelweiss ALPS
Horse father SIRE
Hostile force ENEMY
Inclined (to) APT
It turns litmus paper blue ALKALI
Item pinned on to support a Russian poet's election to office? PUSHKINBUTTON
James Fenimore Cooper novel, with 'The' DEERSLAYER
Jewish mysticism CABALA
KGB's milieu USSR
Kind of pear BARTLETT
Lab safety org.? SPCA
Less dull SHARPER
Light refrain TRALALA
Linda in 1998 headlines TRIPP
Lounged around SATIDLE
Lovers' deity EROS
LP replacers CDS
Major racket DIN
Matchstick-removing game NIM
Mil. missions OPS
Monogram in civil rights MLK
More weighty HEAVIER
Most prickly THORNIEST
Musical exercise ETUDE
Nail coater ENAMEL
Not be joking MEANIT
Nuclear trial prohibition TESTBAN
Of a heart chamber ATRIAL
One of the Skywalkers dressed up as St. Nick? SANTAANAKIN
Orioles great Ripken CAL
Petition, e.g ASK
Prepare to give a ring? KNEEL
Probable LIKELY
Produced a napped surface on TEASELED
Purple spring blooms IRISES
Qatar locale ASIA
Revise EMEND
Risen people STANDERS
Rural lumberjack resting after chopping? BUMPKINONALOG
Saloon barrel KEG
Sarge, e.g NCO
Sea in 75-Across ARAL
Shot fluids SERA
Shout of joy HOORAY
Singer Rawls LOU
Sister of Bert Bobbsey NAN
Speed skater Dan JANSEN
Spool REEL
State east of Colo KAN
Still YET
Strip a disguise from UNMASK
Strips for breakfast BACON
Suffix of enzymes ASE
Suffix with chlor- IDE
Suffix with señor ITA
Tartan skirt sporter KILTIE
Thai tongue LAO
They negate deles STETS
Trio less one DUO
Troop gp BSA
Trough for toting bricks HOD
U-Haul rental VAN
Unit of work JOULE
Unmoving machine part STATOR
Wall St. opportunist ARB
Weedkillers HERBICIDES
Wide-shoe letters EEE
With skill ABLY
Writer Anaïs NIN
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