How many letters in the Answer?

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'-- all good!' ITS
'-- got your number' IVE
'Come Back, Little Sheba' playwright William INGE
'For' vote AYE
'Good boy, Rover' NICEDOG
'Just -- you know ...' TOLET
'Mamma --!' MIA
'So it is' ISEE
'Take -- your leader' METO
'That's show --!' BIZ
'The Bronze Bow' author Elizabeth George -- SPEARE
'To -- own self be true' THINE
-- -do-well NEER
-- ballerina PRIMA
-- nous (between us) ENTRE
-- out an existence EKE
1492 vessel PINTA
1979 Caine/Ustinov film ASHANTI
Absent AWAY
Actress Long NIA
Appear on the horizon LOOM
Arcing throw LOB
Arrangement of a troop in war BATTLEFORMATION
At the apex ONTOP
Atoll features REEFS
Baldwin of '30 Rock' ALEC
Become fond of TAKETO
Big name in camping gear COLEMAN
Bird on a dollar bill AMERICANEAGLE
Bleating female EWE
Bruno -- (shoe brand) MAGLI
CafŽ or bistro, often CASUALRESTAURANT
Capote, to his friends TRU
Celtic speaker GAEL
Certain cabinet dept HUD
Climbs RISES
Cock-a- -- (hybrid dog) POO
Craggy peak TOR
Cry in Kšln ACH
Dip for chips SALSA
Dirty trick FASTONE
Dishonorable IGNOBLE
Employee hirer, e.g ENGAGER
Events for bargain hunters YARDSALES
Everything ALL
Experiment site LAB
Family of the 27th U.S. president TAFTS
Fashionable Banks TYRA
Fey of '30 Rock' TINA
Fish with bobbing bait DIB
Flower-petal perfume ATTAR
Foist (upon) IMPOSE
Football great Grier ROSEY
Ginnie and Fannie MAES
GIs' places BASES
Gives assent SAYSYES
Granters of three wishes GENII
Greek god of love EROS
Green org EPA
Gyro bread PITA
Have -- (dine) AMEAL
Have a spat ARGUE
He defeated McCain OBAMA
Hollywood's Hathaway ANNE
In a harshly insulting way, say ABUSIVELY
Iridescent OPALINE
It may have a helipad on its roof HOSPITALBUILDING
It might be repaired in a hangar AIRPLANEBODY
Like some single-celled organisms AMOEBIC
Linda in 1998 news TRIPP
Little -- ('Hairspray' girl) INEZ
Mag for an entrepreneur INC
Match arbiter REF
Maui, e.g ISLE
Met offering OPERA
Mild Dutch cheese EDAM
Molokai necklaces LEIS
More meaty PITHIER
Much-used article THE
Nebraska's most populous city OMAHA
Netman Ivan LENDL
Occupy, as a table SITAT
Old skating star Sonja HENIE
Opening installment of a series PARTI
Out there AFAR
Ozone, e.g GAS
Perch in church PEW
Person cogitating MULLER
Pervade FILL
Peter of 'Becket' OTOOLE
Phrase on an invoice AMOUNTDUE
Place for Broadway performers THEATERSTAGE
Pledge SWEAR
Plotting band CABAL
Possesses OWNS
Pre-euro Spanish coin PESETA
Precede all others COMEFIRST
Prefix with marathon ULTRA
Prefix with venous INTRA
Prior to ERE
Private eyes SLEUTHS
Puck-pushing squad ICEHOCKEYTEAM
Q-U string RST
Rations (out) METES
Rebellion figure Turner NAT
Risky thing to live on THEEDGE
See 105-Down INTO
Set -- (aspire to something) AGOAL
Short line holding a fishhook SNELL
Signified MEANT
Silverstein of kid-lit SHEL
Singer Mel TORME
Sorority letter IOTA
Spirit SOUL
Stephen of 'Blackthorn' REA
Stressful type? ITALICS
Tall myrtle-family shrub TEATREE
Terre --, Indiana HAUTE
Theme of this puzzle THINGSWITHWINGS
This instant NOW
This, to JosŽ ESTA
Throw out TOSS
Toned down MUTED
Tree with small acorns PINOAK
Upper sky ETHER
Vegas action BET
Vitamin B3 NIACIN
Walks through mud SLOGS
Western film actor Lash LARUE
White-as-a-ghost look PALLOR
With 68-Down really yells at, TEARS
Write music NOTATE
Young guy LAD
Ziti and rotini PASTAS
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