How many letters in the Answer?

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'-- -hoo!' YOO
'63 Liz Taylor role CLEO
'A Passage to India' woman ADELA
'Ah, so sad' ALAS
'Auld Lang --' SYNE
'Conan' channel TBS
'Honest' guy ABE
'My Mama Done -- Me' TOL
'Short and stout' vessel TEAPOT
'Socko!' BAM
'The Waste Land' poet's inits TSE
-- acid (lime ingredient) CITRIC
-- avis RARA
-- Darya (Asian river) AMU
-- Lingus AER
-- Paulo SAO
-- Zedong MAO
7'0', say TALL
A, in Vienna EIN
Accurse DAMN
Actor Affleck BEN
Actress Britt EKLAND
Actress Gilbert SARA
Actress Peet or Pays AMANDA
Andy Taylor's boy OPIE
Anvil's organ EAR
Apple type IMAC
Arrow notch NOCK
Aspect PHASE
Battle milieu WAR
Be obliged OWE
Beatified French lady SAINTE
Beatty of 'The Toy' NED
Black bird CROW
Bread with vindaloo NAN
Can. province ONT
Capitol fig SEN
Censoring tone BLEEP
Charles V's realm: Abbr HRE
Classic New York City theater ROXY
Comic Tina FEY
Couple taking off to tie the knot ELOPERS
Debacles FIASCOS
Director Lee ANG
Ecstatic ELATED
Ending of pasta names INI
Facing with courage BRAVING
Film genre ROMANCE
Film scorer Menken ALAN
First mate? EVE
Flatfish that was there first? ORIGINALFLOUNDER
Foot 4-Down TOE
González in 2000 news ELIAN
Grazing field LEA
Hex- ender ANE
His cube became a craze RUBIK
Hit a homer GODEEP
Hound NAG
Huddle of military officers? GENERALCLUSTER
In -- (as first placed) SITU
In need of nourishment UNFED
In past time AGO
Insolent talk GUFF
Insults SLAPS
Inuit vehicle SLED
Israeli flier ELAL
It lifts a kite UPDRAFT
Justice Dept. raiders ATF
Kappa preceder IOTA
L.A.'s region SOCAL
Law enforcer POLICEMAN
Legal papers WRITS
Lookout person SENTRY
Manufacture PRODUCE
Mauna -- LOA
Mavens ACES
Minstrel BARD
Narratives recorded on CD? ACCOUNTSPLAYABLE
Network for Jimmy Fallon NBC
Nikita's 'no' NYET
Nimble SPRY
Not singular PLURAL
Notices SPOTS
Novelist Hunter EVAN
Old Greek geometrician EUCLID
One who would've taken on Goliath if David had been unavailable? BACKUPSLINGER
Op-eds, e.g ESSAYS
Opera part ARIA
Peter of 'M' LORRE
Pill, e.g., briefly MED
Pinkie, e.g DIGIT
Pipe shape ELBOW
Place affording a good view VANTAGE
Placed into categories GROUPED
Plains native UTE
Powerful machine that pulverizes car splash guards? FENDERBLENDER
Prayer's end AMEN
Product for whitening NASCAR drivers' garb? DAYTONABLEACH
Put in a different key TRANSPOSE
Put right? INDENT
Quality TRAIT
Quick hit JAB
R&B artist Keys ALICIA
Recede EBB
Related to kidneys RENAL
Renoir's skill ART
Rescue squad VIP EMT
Rose Bowl org NCAA
Rowing need OAR
Russian ballet company BOLSHOI
Samovar URN
Single-celled swimmer AMOEBA
Smell -- (be suspicious) ARAT
Soft luster SHEEN
Student at England's oldest university OXONIAN
Substitute for chocolate CAROB
Sun -- -sen YAT
Sunni's deity ALLAH
Tableland MESA
Taco topper SALSA
Take for one's own use COOPT
Take stock of ASSESS
Takes ten RESTS
The cry 'Hah, I scaled that peak and you didn't!'? MOUNTAINGLOAT
Thu. follower FRI
Total fan MANIAC
Trajectory of a thrown winter weapon? SNOWBALLFLIGHT
Turner of TV TED
TV's Kwik-E-Mart clerk APU
Twitch TIC
Uno + due TRE
Vex no end EATAT
Viral net phrase, say MEME
Web app language JAVA
Whack hard WALLOP
White bird SWAN
Wild horse's boastful talk? BRONCOBLUSTER
Willing to do UPFOR
Woofer's counterpart TWEETER
WWII attack time DDAY
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