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'-- Little Teapot' IMA
Pop lover MOM
'-- a Grecian Urn' ODEON
'-- Little Teapot' IMA
'-- to say this, but ...' IHATE
'-- vincit amor' ('Love conquers all') OMNIA
'... bug -- feature?' ORA
'... could -- horse!' EATA
'Cagney & Lacey' co-star TYNEDALY
'Daniel' singer John ELTON
'Holy cow!' OHMAN
'Holy cow!' EGAD
'I -- lot to you' OWEA
'Not a word!' SHH
'Yowie!' OUCH
-- -Caps (candy) SNO
-- -Magnon CRO
-- -Z (thoroughly) ATO
-- Mae Brown (psychic in 'Ghost') ODA
--Kosh B'Gosh OSH
A long time in the past EONSAGO
Abbr. stamped on a bad check NSF
Account STORY
Actor Clark GABLE
Actress Charlotte RAE
Actress Hatcher TERI
Agent's take FEE
Allan- -- ('Robin Hood' narrator) ADALE
Amtrak stop: Abbr STN
Author -- Stanley Gardner ERLE
Be nuts over ADORE
Beatified Mlles STES
Biceps' place ARM
Bits of wind PUFFS
Camp craft CANOE
Cap for a bagpiper TAM
Chop -- SUEY
Chop-chop PDQ
Coastal arm INLET
Collide with HIT
Corrodes, in a way RUSTS
Costumes GARBS
Critical hosp. area ICU
Dancer Duncan ISADORA
Decide not to join in OPTOUT
Empire until '91 USSR
Entertainer Zsa Zsa GABOR
Favorite son of Isaac ESAU
Filmmaker Preminger OTTO
First full mo. of autumn OCT
Flock of geese GAGGLE
Frosh's cap BEANIE
Fuzzy fabrics WOOLS
German car make AUDI
Get more mileage from REUSE
Great Lakes' -- Locks SOO
Hang-up for an optometrist? TESTCHART
Have bad flu symptoms, say FEELLOUSY
Having some benefit UTILE
Hazard RISK
Honey maker BEE
Horse to be busted BRONC
Hotelier Ritz CESAR
Illinois city on the Mississippi MOLINE
Illusory UNREAL
In the second-best category CLASSB
Insect-catching tool NET
Interring individuals BURIERS
Lab vial FLASK
LGA datum ETA
Like a prebirth body position FETAL
Like Dublin denizens IRISH
Like forests WOODED
Lou Grant portrayer Ed ASNER
Low voice BASS
Low-value wallet wad ONES
Luau bowlful POI
Malia and Sasha OBAMAS
Mo. in which autumn starts SEP
Money to be paid back LOAN
Musical rate TEMPO
Neighbor of Hung AUS
NFL standout ALLPRO
Nimble deer ROE
Objective END
Old saw ADAGE
One who has regrets RUER
One who quarantines ISOLATOR
One, in Ulm EIN
Pear-shaped fruits FIGS
Peddled HAWKED
Places of learning, in French ECOLES
Plane feature WING
Poetic Muse ERATO
Poker post ANTE
Pop lover MOM
Present label TAG
Pulpit speech SERMON
Redbreast ROBIN
Rival of Target KMART
Russian ruler of yore TSAR
Señor's nap SIESTA
Shoemaking tools AWLS
Smart-alecky PERT
Some rescue ops EVACS
Sonny & Cher's '-- You Babe' IGOT
Spurring (on) EGGING
Stuck-up type SNOOT
Suffix in some pasta names INI
Suffix with witch or trick ERY
Suffix with zillion AIRE
Suit fabric SERGE
Super-suspenseful NAILBITING
Surround with a saintly light ENHALO
Swedish king between John I and Canute II ERICXI
Swiss city on the Rhine BASEL
Treat kindly BENICETO
Turn bad ROT
Ty-D- -- BOL
U.S. media watchdog FCC
Ungulate feature HOOF
Unlike reruns NEW
Very testy ORNERY
Wacky LOCO
Want badly COVET
Watch sound TICK
Wee role CAMEO
What hungry wolves do DROOL
Young fellow LAD
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