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'-- is human ...' TOERR
'... or -- told' SOIM
'Curses!' DRAT
'Gute --' (German farewell) NACHT
'I Wanna Be Sedated' group, with 'The' RAMONES
'It wasn't me!' NOTI
'Jumpin' Jack Flash' follower ITSAGAS
'Relax, soldier!' ATEASE
'Return of the Jedi' critters EWOKS
'Third time's --' ACHARM
'Time -- the essence' ISOF
'Tsk tsk!' TUT
'What'll --?' ITBE
'You can't win --!' EMALL
-- acids AMINO
-- Aigner (designer shoe brand) ETIENNE
-- out at (attacked) LASHED
-- Strauss LEVI
-- Tin Tin RIN
Aardvark's snack ANT
Absent with consent ONLEAVE
Accused killer gettin' on a bus? LIZZIEBOARDIN
Acting governors REGENTS
Actor causin' injury? MARKHARMIN
Actor givin' a hug? WILLIAMHOLDIN
Actress Lupino IDA
Actress showin' concern? LESLIECARIN
Addams Family cousin ITT
At no time, to poets NEER
Author Sarah -- Jewett ORNE
Baseballer Eddie a.k.a. 'The Walking Man' YOST
Biblical letter EPISTLE
Blow away AWE
Boxer makin' a mold? GEORGEFORMIN
Bridge expert usin' a spear? CHARLESGORIN
Bro's sib SIS
Caboodle's partner KIT
Cager Thurmond NATE
City near Rome, NY UTICA
City official: Abbr. ALD
City SE of San Francisco FRESNO
Clairvoyant SEER
Closing letter ZEE
Computer peripheral SCANNER
Continued to surge furiously RAGEDON
Country south of Yugo. ALB
Denver-Chicago dir. ENE
Dollar divs. CTS
Earl Grey and pekoe TEAS
Eli's school YALE
Ellington title transport ATRAIN
En -- (as one) MASSE
Enticed by DRAWNTO
ER figures DOCS
Essayist catchin' too many rays? FRANCISBAKIN
Eve's first home EDEN
Even if, for short THO
Evening, on marquees NITE
Expression IDIOM
Eyeball ORB
Floor model DEMO
French province, formerly ALSATIA
Gathered leaves RAKED
Genetic stuff DNA
Give off EMIT
Gold, to Goya ORO
Greek letter ETA
Groove on DIG
Guitar fret, e.g. RIDGE
Hair holder NET
Hoses down WETS
Hue close to garnet WINERED
Improve artificially, with 'up' HOKE
Jane Austen novel EMMA
Jewish month ADAR
Jungle home DEN
K-O linkup LMN
Kett and James ETTAS
Kin of equi- ISO
Kind of fertilizer NITRATE
Lang. spoken in Rome ITAL
Level of rank ECHELON
Live-in maid AUPAIR
Long tale SAGA
Makeup mishap SMEAR
Marry again REWED
Monastery title FRA
Monroe of Hollywood MARILYN
Moves to a new cage REPENS
Musically keyless ATONAL
Nero's 551 DLI
Nomad of Scandinavia LAPP
Not divided UNSPLIT
Novelist workin' as an usher? ANYASEATIN
On Sunset Blvd., e.g. INLA
Ore car TRAM
Pai -- (Chinese gambling game) GOW
Pal, in Paris AMI
Parent's helper NANNY
Pint-size SMALL
Pipe bend ELL
Pizza topping ONION
Poet Dove RITA
Pricking punctures PINHOLES
Reprimanded loudly YELLEDAT
RMN was his veep DDE
Robert of 'The Sopranos' ILER
Rock that glitters inside GEODE
Rocker Brian ENO
Scott Turow's first book ONEL
See 58-Down OFF
Server's edge in tennis, ADIN
Shipping container BOX
Sicilian resort city ENNA
Singer preparin' preserves? FREDDYCANNIN
Singer sayin' goodbye? DOLLYPARTIN
Skating surface ICE
Speed skater Heiden ERIC
Spock portrayer NIMOY
Start liking TAKETO
Suffix with Israel ITE
Superman's real name KALEL
Sushi selection EEL
Tavern INN
Thingamajigs DOODADS
Thought about deeply MUSEDON
Thurman of film UMA
Tinkered (with) TAMPERED
Tot's transport WAGON
Tow-offering gp. AAA
Trotted RAN
Trouble AIL
Western tribe OTOE
Where Napoleon lost WATERLOO
Will-o'-the- -- WISP
With 68-Down, end an Internet session LOG
Zilch ZIP
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