How many letters in the Answer?

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'Dame' Everage EDNA
'Sure thing!' YES
'Wish Tree' artist Yoko ONO
*Comment to a very generous person YOURETOOKIND
*Course taken at night EVENINGCLASS
*Credit card feature MAGNETICSTRIPE
*Emphatic print BOLDFACETYPE
*Hollywood publication for 80 years DAILYVARIETY
*Z-to-A data-alphabetizing arrangement DESCENDINGSORT
47-Down or 96-Down fuel GAS
A portion of SOME
Actress Lucy of 'Kill Bill' LIU
Actress Sothern ANN
Advanced music or drama deg MFA
Air hero ACE
Almanac fill FACTS
Apt. parts RMS
Avoids, as capture EVADES
Award hopeful NOMINEE
Bar brew, in France BIERE
Bic fluid INK
Big skin cream brand OLAY
Broadway's 'August: -- County' OSAGE
Brunch fruit MELON
Burning crimes ARSONS
Cat coater FUR
Chop -- SUEY
Chop or crop CUT
Cobwebby room, often ATTIC
Combine MERGE
Connector to the WWW ISP
Counterpart of masc FEM
Dazzling effect ECLAT
Defeat BEAT
Deform WARP
Dems.' foes REPS
Denver-to-Detroit dir ENE
DiFranco of song ANI
Doe partner STAG
Econo Lodge, e.g MOTEL
Eden figure EVE
Edit, as text EMEND
Elderly AGED
Elhi support org PTA
English architect Jones INIGO
Enzyme suffix ASE
Esau's father ISAAC
Eye layer RETINA
Family ride VAN
Farm unit ACRE
Forest and desert, e.g BIOMES
Fuming mad INARAGE
Future leaf BUD
Gear holder for the slopes SKIBAG
Germinated SPROUTED
Goof-offs IDLERS
Got tangled RAVELED
Greiner of 'Shark Tank' LORI
Grounds BASIS
Hawke of film ETHAN
Head of corn EAR
Hightailed it RAN
Hockey site RINK
Horse kin ASS
Hybrid bakery treats CRONUTS
In -- (conspiring) CAHOOTS
iPhone voice SIRI
Is profitable PAYSOFF
It precedes Tue MON
Kazan of film ELIA
Kitchen appliance STOVE
La -- Tar Pits BREA
Like pre-Easter periods LENTEN
Loch -- NESS
Low-cal LITE
Lower-priced ONSALE
Make beloved ENDEAR
Mao -- -tung TSE
Martinique, par exemple ILE
May birthstone EMERALD
Meal for an echidna ANTS
Mediator's skill TACT
Member of Devo, say NEWWAVER
Misfortunes WOES
Monetary penalties FINES
Narc, e.g FED
Narrowed gradually TAPERED
Norma -- (Field part) RAE
Not lingering MOVINGON
Not stray from, as a schedule KEEPTO
Operating USING
Orange tuber YAM
Original texts: Abbr MSS
Pal, to Pablo AMIGO
Pol Paul RAND
Possesses OWNS
Prominent MARKED
Promiser's proviso IFICAN
Pub. house hirees EDS
Put on eBay, say RESELL
Quotes as an authority CITES
R&B singer Marilyn MCCOO
Region west of Catalonia ARAGON
Rx watchdog FDA
Savage WILD
Shape MOLD
Showed clemency to SPARED
Siam or Sudan ender ESE
Silky cats ANGORAS
Sister of Bart Simpson LISA
Site of Kubla Khan's palace XANADU
Slow tempo ADAGIO
Sows again RESEEDS
Split couple EXES
Sprinkling of FEW
Stalin's fed USSR
Start dozing NOD
Stately street shader ELMTREE
Stool pigeon RATFINK
Suffix with invent ORY
Sumac of song YMA
Suspicion IDEA
Take back, as the title REWIN
Tan color ECRU
Taylor boy of old TV OPIE
Tenor played by Lanza CARUSO
This and that: Abbr MISC
Throngs CROWDS
TV-regulating gp FCC
V-8, for one ENGINE
Verse writer Nash OGDEN
We, he or it PRONOUN
Web mags EZINES
Went beyond PASSED
When doubled, a Gabor sister ZSA
Word with synonyms at the ends of the answers to the starred clues CATEGORY
Year's 12 MONTHS
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